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  • ITMO Master’s Student Yan Koval on His Internship in Denmark and Importance of Public Opinion in Lighting Design

    Yan Koval, a second-year Master’s student of ITMO University’s program in Lighting Design has returned from a short-term internship at Aalborg University (Denmark). We spoke to Yan and learned about the differences in Copenhagen and St. Petersburg’s lighting cultures, the importance of public opinion in designing a lighting environment, and how Denmark is making its lighting eco-friendly.


  • Danish Exchange Students Developing Lighting Design Solution for St. Petersburg Park

    How does lighting design help reflect natural occurrences in the urban environment and make the latter more accommodating for people? Beata Kublik and Paulina Dudkiewicz, Master’s students from Aalborg University (Denmark), are currently doing an internship at ITMO University’s Higher School of Lighting Design. The two students are developing a new lighting design model for one of St. Petersburg’s public parks using a nature-oriented approach. They believe that the value of light as an architectural tool will only increase wherever people haven’t yet realized its importance.


  • Master’s Exchange Students on Learning Lighting Design in Copenhagen

    Making a cramped square feel comfortable, improving lives of medical patients and helping school students study better: students from Aalborg University (Denmark) use light to solve these and other tasks. This Scandinavian country is home to more than the concept of hygge – it is also one of the major European centers for modern art; here, lighting design projects aren’t limited to just museums and art spaces, but are actually becoming a part of the urban environment. Valeria Lukinskaya and Dmitry Chukhin, Master’s students at ITMO’s Higher School of Lighting Design, learned about the best practices and approaches in lighting design during an internship at Aalborg University.