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  • Principal Rising Star: ITMO’s School for Aspiring Principal Investigators

    ITMO opens applications to the second PI School for rising stars – it is set to start on May 18. Same as last year, experts from the fields of education, research, and business will share their insights with participating Master’s and PhD students and postdocs. Among the topics are building a career in science, conducting breakthrough research, and collaborating with industrial partners. Read on to learn more about the school.


  • PhD Student Anna Baldina: You Get to Feel 100% Fulfilled and Happy at ITMO

    Having entered ITMO as a Master’s student, Anna Baldina started doing research from the get-go. During her studies here, she developed the concepts and curricula for two Master’s and one Bachelor’s program. Moreover, she was part of the team behind the university’s new major research unit, the Infochemistry Scientific Center. Since then, Anna has had the chance to work in the industry and opted to return to ITMO to continue with her studies and research career, fulfilling her childhood dream of being paid to study. Why did she choose science over industry? And what career prospects does she see at ITMO? Find the answers in this ITMO.NEWS interview.


  • ITMO's Monday Science Roundup #11

    From a next-gen toothpaste to a promising cancer treatment technology, as well as a new ecology-focused Master’s program and exciting academic mobility opportunities – there's lots going on in our science news digest for the second half of July. Let's dig in!


  • ITMO PhD Student Evgeny Khomutov: My Main Goal Is to Be the Best Version of Myself

    Evgeny Khomutov graduated from the corporate Master’s program operated by ITMO’s Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics and the Sberbank Robotics Laboratory. Having successfully completed a project in collaboration with the company, he decided to continue his studies as a PhD student. These days, Evgeny is developing a system that will help design gripping devices automatically making it accessible even to novices. In the future, this system can serve as a basis for more personalized (and cheaper) hand prosthetics. We asked him why it’s more interesting to work at a university and not in the industry and how robotics can help people with special needs. 


  • ITMO Graduate Elena Ushakova on Scientific Career, Research Projects and Working in Hong Kong

    A graduate of ITMO University’s Faculty of Photonics and Optical Information, Elena Ushakova has been working at the university for over ten years. However, in the last year, along with being a lecturer and research associate at ITMO, Elena is doing research and giving lectures at the City University of Hong Kong (CityU). In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, she talks about the research she has been working on lately, as well as the elements that make a scientist’s career.