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  • Bioinformatics Studies at ITMO’s Advanced Engineering School: Behind the Scenes

    Identifying hereditary diseases, preserving endangered species, and expanding the theory of evolution – these are just some of the challenges tackled by bioinformatics engineers. Today, these specialists are in demand across the scientific spectrum: in biotech, medicine, and even agriculture. One place where you can train to be one is at ITMO’s Advanced Engineering School – as part of the Master’s program Applied Genomics. The program’s new head, the bioinformatics researcher Mikhail Raiko, tells us all about studies and careers in this fascinating field.


  • ITMO and Sberbank Create Admissions Aid for School Students

    A new project for applicants to Russian universities and their parents has recently been launched by ITMO and Sberbank. There, FAQs and recommendations are presented as detailed guides that will be helpful to those applying to universities in 2024, as well as future applicants on the lookout for their careers.


  • Learn to Grow Your Business While Caring for the Planet at ITMO

    Sustainable Development and Environmental Management is a new Master’s program that’s just launched at ITMO. There, you’ll get to learn to implement green technologies in production and develop sustainable business strategies that account for not only generating income but also the effect on society and environment. Created in collaboration with industrial partners, this program is oriented towards solving actual challenges that companies are facing today. Read on to learn more.


  • ITMO Is One of the Top University Choices Among Contest Winners in Russia

    According to the findings of a Yandex Education survey, ITMO University, along with the Higher School of Economics and Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, is one of the most popular universities among competition winners in mathematics and computer science. Their decisions are influenced by the quality of education, career prospects, and the practical nature of educational programs. ITMO University has remained at the top of the ranking since 2022.


  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #53

    Hello, greetings, and welcome! In today’s review of recent updates courtesy of ITMO.NEWS, we’re looking at three major stories: an exciting research breakthrough from the realm of photonics, an array of fresh ideas by the university’s brightest young scientists, and the launch of this year’s admissions campaign.


  • A Chance Not To Be Missed: Winners of ITMO.STARS on How To Study for Free and Work on Dream Projects

    The ITMO.STARS contest allows talented applicants from throughout Russia to enroll in the university's Bachelor’s programs on tuition-free basis regardless of their Unified State Exam (USE) scores. Since 2019, over 60 students have had the opportunity to study and carry on with their projects at ITMO for free via the initiative. Learn more about the students’ successes and the application process below.


  • ITMO Launches Two Online Master’s Programs for Engineers

    In 2024, ITMO University is adding online tracks for two of its engineering Master’s programs: Applied Optics and Systems Analysis and Control. Through their studies in the program, practicing specialists will be able to gain another qualification while learning to use new tools – all without the need to take a break from work or leave their home. Learn more about the programs in this article.


  • ITMO Admissions Are Open: Here’s All You Need To Know

    Since April 1, ITMO has begun receiving applications to Bachelor’s and Master’s programs. In this article, we tell you all you need to know about this year’s admissions campaign: from the available programs to the applicant’s personal page.


  • ITMO and Samolet Group Launch New Master’s Program for IT Team Leads

    ITMO’s Institute of Applied Computer Science and Samolet Group have launched a new corporate Master’s program for future team leads in IT. There, through solving business tasks and partner industry cases, students will acquire the competencies necessary for being both a team leader and an IT developer. Graduates will be able to lead IT projects at major companies without any additional training.


  • ITMO Hosts Finals of National Technological Contest in Software Engineering for Fintech

    On April 1-6, ITMO University hosted the finals of the National Technological Contest in Software Engineering for Fintech for the first time, with Sberbank as the contest’s general partner. Out of the total of 2,000 contestants from all over Russia, only 36 proceeded to the finals. The winners and runners-up will receive seven additional points to their Unified State Exam (USE) results when applying to ITMO and other Russian universities.