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  • Student Spotlight: Dicko Kante, Mali

    Meet Dicko Kante, an ambitious 18-year-old from Bamako, Mali, the city where her story began. Now in St. Petersburg, she’s studying information security at ITMO, a subject she has been passionate about since childhood. In this interview, we will learn about Dicko’s experiences, inspirations, and aspirations, offering a glimpse into her life as she forges a name for herself in the world of cybersecurity.


  • Student Spotlight: Abanoub Mikhail, Egypt

    Meet Abanoub Mikhail, a first-year PhD student from Egypt who studies optics at ITMO. In this interview, he shares his motivation for pursuing a PhD in Russia, his passion for both history and physics, and his experiences navigating the challenges of PhD life. Learn what he has to share about his scientific exploration, cultural immersion, and aspirations for the future.


  • Student Spotlight: Padanada Mewezinoh, Togo

    Padanada's fascination with St. Petersburg was sparked by a project he received from a client at work. As he delved into the intricacies of St. Petersburg, a dream took root within him – to one day call this city home. Fast-forward to today, when Padanada finds himself not only living in St. Petersburg, but also pursuing a Master's degree in software engineering at ITMO. In this interview, Padanada graciously shares insights into his homeland of Togo, his rich cultural heritage, and the experiences that have shaped his remarkable journey.


  • Student Spotlight: Collins Awusa, Nigeria

    Introducing Collins Awusa, a first-year Bachelor’s student of mechatronics and robotics at ITMO. In this interview, Collins talks about his journey, challenges, and unexpected opportunities, including his participation in the World Youth Festival as a delegate from St. Petersburg. Stay tuned to gain insights into his unique experience and valuable advice for future students considering Russia for their education.


  • Student Spotlight: Yemane Habtemichael Gebremeskal, Eritrea

    Step into the shoes of Yemane, a PhD student from Eritrea, as he unravels the intricacies of his PhD work at ITMO. From the vibrant markets of Eritrea to the scientific landscape of Siberia, Yemane shares his academic adventure, cultural encounters, and the magnetic pull that led him to the heart of Russia. Join us as we delve into his commitment to green food technology, mentoring endeavors, and the unique charm that makes St. Petersburg his academic haven.


  • Student Spotlight: Hamid Idris Musa, Eritrea

    Hamid's move to St. Petersburg was sparked by his deep admiration for Zenit St. Petersburg, a football club he adores. In this conversation, we'll explore his academic pursuits, the influence of sports on his life, and the cultural significance of coffee – a cherished Eritrean traditional drink that has become indispensable for him. Join us as we unravel the fascinating layers of Hamid's story in the realms of academia, football fandom, and cultural connections.


  • Student Spotlight: Donald Brice, Cameroon

    Meet Donald, a Master's student in AI from Cameroon. In this interview, he shares insights into his cultural heritage, the traditions of Cameroon, and the highs and lows of being an international student. Donald offers a unique perspective on blending his rich background with the world of artificial intelligence, providing a glimpse into the cultural diversity that shapes the global community of scholars. Read on!


  • Student Spotlight: Magdalene Memory Lungu, Malawi

    Magdalene from the vibrant nation of Malawi is currently immersed in the study of public health sciences at ITMO. Her passion lies in the pursuit of identifying infectious diseases at their early stages to prevent the recurrence of global pandemics. In this conversation, Magdalene takes us on a thrilling journey through her academic pursuits, shedding light on her aspirations to contribute to public health initiatives. Join us as we delve into Magdalene's experiences, ambitions, and the pivotal role she envisions playing at her nation’s Ministry of Health.


  • Student Spotlight: Peter Simwanza, Zambia

    Meet Peter, a third-year Bachelor's student of electrical engineering from Zambia. In this conversation, he takes us on a journey through his homeland, sharing insights into the rich tapestry of Zambian culture. He also delves into his unique experiences as a student in St. Petersburg, shedding light on the challenges and triumphs he's encountered. Moreover, Peter unveils his future plans, offering us a glimpse of the path he envisions for himself beyond the classroom. Read on to learn more.


  • Student Spotlight: Soumaïla Camara, Mali

    In an inspiring conversation that spans continents and fields of expertise, Soumaïla Camara, a trailblazing scholar from Mali, shares the remarkable story of his journey from his homeland to acquiring a PhD from ITMO. As he reflects on the challenges, triumphs, and lessons learned during his time as a PhD student, Camara unveils his ambitious plans for the future, demonstrating how his knowledge is poised to make a lasting impact on both his community and the global stage.