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  • ITMO Graduate Oksana Ivanova on Master's Program in Bioinformatics

    This year, Oksana Ivanova graduated from ITMO’s Master’s program in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology among the best graduates. She discussed her experience, current research, and further plans for studies with ITMO.NEWS.


  • St. Petersburg Scientists Propose Using Terahertz Holography for Diabetes Tests

    Scientists from ITMO University and Almazov National Medical Research Centre have put forward a new way for diagnosing diabetes. It is based on the fact that the blood of people with diabetes has a different response in the terahertz range than that of people without this condition. More in this article by ITMO.NEWS.


  • Scientists Virtually Tested Decision Support System for Medicals

    Russian scientists from Saint Petersburg created a computer simulation to test a system coordinating the work of dispatchers, ambulance and hospital staff. The simulation results showed that the service can improve the decision efficiency of medical workers when caring for patients with a suspected heart attack. Now implemented virtually, the system can share some of its elements with medical practices as soon as next year, according to the developers. Their findings were published in the Future Generation Computer Systems.


  • Affairs of the Heart: How to Fight Cardio Diseases by Medicine and IT

    Today, as the world celebrates the World Heart Day, we would like to talk about a unique collaboration between the medical experts from Federal Almazov North-West Medical Research Center and programmers from ITMO University — they use interdisciplinary approaches to research heart disease causes by analyzing large quantities of genetic data.