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  • This Week in St. Petersburg: August 10-16, 2023

    A series of slow-paced nights and a fest-filled weekend – the next week is going to be hot, just as the weather in St. Petersburg lately.


  • The Wild Side of Slavic Folklore: Animals, Plants and Related Beliefs

    The study of wildlife isn’t limited to biology and zoology – you can also approach it in a mythological and symbolic manner. That’s what our ancestors did and, thanks to folklore, we can try and perceive nature through their eyes, too.


  • Rare Animals On Russian Coats of Arms

    Dozens of Russian cities and regions have symbolic images of beautiful animals drawn on their coats of arms. Unfortunately, some of them are endangered and action must be taken to preserve their species. 


  • New Research Highlights History and Importance of Preserving the Lesser-Known Chinese Mountain Cat

    We know that the domestic cat has distant relatives that roam the earth – lions, tigers, cheetahs, and mountain lions. Less familiar are the 38 distinct species in the family Felidae, many with strange names like Pampas cat, kodkod and rusty-spotted cat. The new field of genomics – which engages in the unravelling of DNA genomes of separate species – is resolving old conundrums and revealing new secrets across the history of evolutionarily related species among cats, dogs, bears, and ourselves. Recently, an international research team that includes genetic researchers from ITMO University has completed a study that revealed several fascinating facts about the Chinese mountain cat. The paper on the study was published in Science Advances.