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  • ITMO Scientists Help Discover Lost Painting of Esteemed German Artist Under A Layer of Paint

    Researchers from ITMO have analyzed the painting Hiroshima I by prominent German artist Werner Tübke, discovering a previously unknown work of the master along the way. This finding, described in an article published in Heritage, will become a part of the first large-scale study of the artist’s work to be conducted in Russia.


  • “Best Choice I’ve Ever Made”: ITMO Graduate Kseniya Zavatskaya on Her Education and Career in Optics

    Kseniya Zavatskaya studied quantum electronics for her Bachelor’s, but never found a solid application for the knowledge she acquired. As a Master’s student at ITMO University, she discovered her future calling and found employment less than a month after graduation. Kseniya spoke to ITMO.NEWS and explained why she chose applied optics, how her career has unfolded since, and what advice she would give to future engineers.


  • ITMO Laboratory Head Irina Livshitz on a Secret Advantage of Russian Optics, VR and Differences Between Russian and International Students

    Before the start of a new academic year, head of ITMO University’s Research Laboratory for Computer-Aided Design of Optical-Information and Energy Saving Systems Irina Livshitz gave ten classes as part of the summer school at the University of Eastern Finland, an ITMO University partner. She spoke about the development of augmented and virtual reality systems. ITMO.NEWS met Prof. Livshitz to learn about where to start with optical systems design, whether Russian students are any different from their international counterparts, and will it be possible to make VR headsets comfortable for wearing. 


  • ITMO Helps Train Optical Systems Design Specialists in Collaboration with European Union

    ITMO University has successfully completed its participation in the ADOPSYS (ADvancedOPticalSYStemDesign) project, conducted as part of the European Union’s 7th Framework Programme’s Marie Curie international mobility fellowship. The project aims to train elite young specialists in the field of applied optics. Per the grant’s provisions, the university was to educate a European student on the design of applied optical systems. Project work was conducted at ITMO’s Research Laboratory for Computer-Aided Design of Optical-Information and Energy Saving Systems.