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  • Celebrate April Fool’s Day Like a Russian

    There's only one rule on April 1 in Russia – trust no one. It sounds friendlier in the original language – “Первое апреля – никому не верю” – but the fact remains: the tradition of pranking has remained strong for centuries. Whether you're looking for cringeworthy jokes to play on your friends or want to avoid getting caught off-guard yourself, dive into our story.


  • ITMO Researchers Teach Neural Network to Tell Jokes

    Computers can outperform people in many fields – but, it seemed, not in the art of making jokes. ITMO University researchers decided to try and dispute this claim. This year, to celebrate April Fools’ Day they taught GPT-3, the world’s most powerful text-generating algorithm, to make jokes. Now anyone on the internet can test the results of their work.