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  • Experience St. Petersburg Like a Local: Petrogradsky District

    Glamor meets unique Nordic charm in this historic area of St. Petersburg, perfect for a day of urban adventuring. 


  • Yagodnoe Revamp: New Concept by ITMO and SPSUACE Students

    In the spring of 2019, Ekaterina Kuznechikova from St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (SPSUACE) collaborated with the ITMO.Green club. In the process of this collaboration, she learned that ITMO University has its own sports and recreation center near St. Petersburg. The complex is called Yagodnoe and it now needs a beautification project. Ekaterina took this issue seriously and gathered an interdisciplinary group made of ITMO and SPSUACE students who conducted research in the recreation center, found weak spots and figured out how these can be fixed. Read on to learn about the implementation of the project and its results.


  • Places to See: Cathedrals, Churches, and Temples of St. Petersburg

    Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, the St. Isaac’s, Kazan, and Peter and Paul cathedrals – these are all names familiar to anyone who’s even barely begun exploring St. Petersburg. But look beyond the go-to tourist spots and you’ll discover a kaleidoscope of churches and temples that illustrate the city’s rich heritage as a capital of the Russian Empire. Here are some of St. Petersburg’s lesser-known, but still no less remarkable, cathedrals, temples, and churches for you to check out.


  • Architectural Plan of ITMO Highpark Shortlisted for World Architecture Festival Award

    The architectural plan for the ITMO Highpark innovations center has been shortlisted for the 2019 World Architecture Festival Award. A total of 534 projects from 70 countries made it to the list of potential winners, competing for the Grand Prix and the title of “Building of the Year”.


  • RTDA Bureau Wins Prestigious International Award for Architectural Plan of ITMO Highpark

    The architectural bureau RTDA, which developed the general architectural plan for the ITMO Highpark innovations center, has won the prestigious A’ Design Award & Competition for their concept of the new ITMO University campus. A’ Design Award is an annual prize that recognizes the best projects on the concept stage, as well as prototypes and finished products already represented on the market. The award is conferred in over 100 nominations in the field of design.


  • St. Petersburg’s Architectural Gems: Art Nouveau

    At the turn of the 20th century, the Art Nouveau style emerged in Europe, characterized by delicate, elaborate ornamentation, balanced asymmetry, and extensive use of floral motifs and sinuous curving lines. In St. Petersburg, this architectural nouvelle vague was aided by the National Romantic movement that flourished in other Scandinavian countries, giving rise to quirky yet stunning buildings that went on to become the city’s best-known landmarks.


  • St. Petersburg’s Architectural Gems: Eclecticism

    The developments in Russia’s political, social and economic life in the mid-19th century caused the crisis of Classicism and the rise of Eclecticism, which dramatically transformed the face of the city.


  • St. Petersburg’s Architectural Gems: Classicism

    The end of the 18th century saw the decline of Baroque architecture and the rise of a new style, Classicism. The brightly colored, wedding-cake buildings of the olden style were replaced by sophisticated designs inspired by the elegance and poise of the Classical Antiquity. St. Petersburg, too, was engulfed in this Europe-wide architectural vogue, which resulted in a wealth of architectural masterpieces.


  • Top Russian and European Firms Present Concept Designs for ITMO Highpark

    On November 17, the first session of ITMO Highpark’s international expert council was held as part of the 7th St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum. The discussion revolved around proposed architectural and planning solutions for ITMO University’s innovative new campus in the Yuzhny satellite city, in the Pushkinsky District of St. Petersburg. Design concepts were showcased by bureaus from the UK, the Netherlands, Austria and Russia. After reviewing the proposals, the international expert council is expected to pick one that will determine the future look of ITMO Highpark.


  • Travel Tips: Exploring Riga

    With its incredible mix of medieval, gothic, Renaissance, Art Nouveau, Soviet and contemporary architecture, Riga can be rightfully called the city of contrasts.