Thursday, September 7 

Exhibition: Sergei Dovlatov and artists

  • Until September 10, 11 am - 8 pm daily
  • KGallery
  • 250 rubles (100 rubles for students)

Held as part of Day D (an annual festival in memory of the influential Soviet journalist and writer Sergei Dovlatov), the exhibition sets to illuminate another side of Dovlatov’s life – the creative contemporaries of the writer, who himself once dreamt of becoming a sculptor or a jeweler. The display captures the epoch’s spirit by means of two core art mediums: photographs and paintings/graphics.

Friday, September 8

Exhibition: The Warmth of the Arctic

The first such exhibition outside the cold lands of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, the display focuses on the traditions, culture, and crafts of the peoples of the Arctic, as well as offers a glimpse into the nature and resources of the permafrost land in the form of artistic installations – accompanied by a multimedia show.

Saturday, September 9 

Multicultural festival

A free one-day multicultural festival is here to celebrate the mosaic of culture and heritage that makes up our country. Apart from lively music and exceptional dancing, the festival will delight visitors with a bevy of ethical foods to taste, crafts and activities to take part in, and insightful talks to enjoy.

Sunday, September 10

St. Petersburg Fair

This weekend, St. Petersburg Fair comes back with a Barbenheimer-themed event, which will gather over 100 brands and artisans from all over Russia under one roof. Handmade jewelry, high-fashion and vintage clothing, books and records, and fresh and organic foods – there will be a whole lot and more to get your hands on.

Monday, September 11

Exhibitions of the works by Stanislav Zhukovsky

  • Until October 23, 10 am - 6 pm (Mon, Wed, Fri-Sun), 1-9 pm (Thu)
  • Stroganov Palace
  • 500 rubles (250 rubles for students) – purchase here

Timed to the 150th anniversary of the artist, the exhibition puts on display the lyrical landscapes of Russian nature created by the hand of genre pioneer Stanislav Zhukovsky. From moonlit nights to late snows or early springs, his paintings enrich traditional mood landscapes with a brush of impressionism, demonstrating a sterling mastery of colors and textures.

Tuesday, September 12

Organ concert: Bach and co.

On Tuesday, we go to an organ concert – at least that’s what Annenkirche invites us to do. This Tuesday, we’re enjoying the musical heritage of the timeless German composers – Dieterich Buxtehude, Johann Sebastian Bach, and Felix Mendelssohn – under the light of an incredible art installation – a colossal glowing moon.

Wednesday, September 13

Architecton MMXXIII: festival and exhibition 

Alongside an architectural festival, the hall will feature a corresponding exhibition within which a group of modern-day architects will present their visions for St. Petersburg through the lens of art history and contemporary art practices. The exhibition will be divided into several sections, each showcasing a different era: the past, the present, and the possible future look of the city.