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  • Sounds of Soil and Petunia Manifesto: Pangardenia Exhibition Launches at Art.ITMO.Residency

    The event takes place as part of Ars Electronica, one of the foremost festivals of technological art. This year marks the first time that the festival takes place not only in Austria, but also at more than 100 locations around the world.


  • Who Are This Year’s Art & Science Students?

    The Art & Science Master’s program welcomes 22 new students from St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Krasnoyarsk, Kazakhstan, and India.


  • Ethan Avila: There’s Some Truth That Can Be Uncovered in Both Art and Science

    It’s the first week of the academic year and we’ve got new students getting ready to study hard, but we’ve also got old students who have graduated and moving on to bigger and better things. Meet our Art and Science graduate, Ethan Avila, from Mexico, who has also been working at ITMO’s Internationalization Office for the last year, interviewing our international students and staff. He shares with us his thoughts about ITMO, Russia, and the future.


  • Experiments with Bioplastic and DNA Visualization: Bioart Summer School at ITMO University

    Over the course of a week, participants from Russia, the USA, China, India, Kazakhstan and the Philippines studied new materials of biological origin and how they can be applied in contemporary art and design. An online exhibition of the participants’ artworks was opened following the school’s results.


  • Bio & Art Summer School: Biomaterials in Art

    ITMO University offers its students an opportunity to work with incredible people on creating interesting projects and this year wasn’t an exception. One of our most fascinating summer schools this year was called Bio&Art: Biomaterials in Art, taught by ITMO graduate Laura Rodriguez. This summer school offered engaging lectures and DIY workshops focused on the innovative fields of Art & Science and Bioart. Held online, it attracted participants from around the world, including China, India, Kazakhstan, Russia, the Philippines, and the USA.


  • AI And Science in Art at the EverArt Weekend Online Festival

    The international contemporary art festival EverArt Weekend took place online last weekend. ITMO University hosted a number of events dedicated to the role of science and technology in modern culture and art.


  • Results of the Open Call for ITMO University’s Art & Science Residency

    The best ideas were submitted by the artists from the USA, Argentina, India, and South Korea. The winners will be able to work at ITMO University’s Art & Science residency and present their projects at a joint exhibition.  


  • Science Communication, Digital Humanities, and Art & Science: Master’s Programs at ITMO’s Institute of International Development and Partnership.

    A focus on an innovative approach to learning helps ITMO University respond to modern challenges and fulfill international standards of education and research. In recent years, the university has become a key platform for interdisciplinary research that combines IT, humanities, biotechnologies, and art. For those who still associate the name ITMO only with programming, robotics, and photonics, we present an overview of programs that have no rival anywhere in Russia.


  • ITMO University Students and Graduates Create an Art Project at the Museum of Optics

    A Journey to the World of Optics is a creative collaboration between different generations and departments of ITMO University. In the year of the university’s anniversary, its students, graduates, and researchers created a video that expresses the values of ITMO, as well as its love for science and art.


  • “Humans Aren’t So Unique”: Modern Artists Talk Future of Art

    A recent Open Day by the staff of ITMO University’s Master’s program in Art & Science included a discussion on the topic “AI, Machines, Microorganisms. The Place of Humans in Future Art”. Its participants – media artists and the program’s speakers – discussed the current situation in which art is made without human involvement and creativity is no longer a trait exclusive to our species. Among the participants were Dimitri Ozerkov, head of the program and director of the Contemporary Art Department of the Hermitage Museum, Ippolit Markelov, bio-artist and biologist, Ildar Yakubov, media artist, Natalia Fedorova, mediapoet, and Ekaterina Nikitina, posthuman studies expert.