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  • Student Spotlight: Siraj Farhan, India

    Step into the world of Siraj Farhan, an international student from India who is currently pursuing a Master's degree in entrepreneurship at ITMO. Farhan is a captivating individual with an insatiable passion for computers and AI. An adventurer at heart, he's tried his hand at a multitude of pursuits, including building his very own startup. Join us as we delve into his inspiring journey.


  • Move by Nature: New Exhibition by ITMO and Gazprombank Opens in St. Petersburg

    A part of the Creative Laboratories project by Gazprombank, FC Zenit, and the Gonzo:Research&Art studio, the exhibition Move by Nature will take place on September 23-26. At the event, organized by ITMO’s Art & Science Center, visitors will explore the connections between art, ecology, and contemporary technologies through sculptures, as well as audiovisual and interactive installations.


  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #34

    Every second Monday, we review the latest and most exciting science news at ITMO. Today, we’ll be looking at advances in space medicine, promising career prospects for robotics students, and a slew of curious projects and discoveries at the junction of the arts and exact sciences.


  • An Omnipresent Tiger and Collective Fears: ITMO Experts Create Digital Theatrical Sets

    Contemporary theater is more than just the stage and the actors – these days, many productions incorporate various technologies, such as holographic projections. Recently, experts from ITMO have collaborated with stage directors within the project Live Laboratory “Digital Stage” on digital set designs for several plays that premiered at the Lensovet Theatre. In this article, we talk to the creators about the synthesis of high tech and thespian talents on the modern stage. 


  • ITMO Art & Science Center Wins “Top 50 Famous People in St. Petersburg” Award from Magazine

    On June 8, the St. Petersburg-based magazine unveiled its annual list of the top 50 most famous people in the city. The team of ITMO’s Art & Science Center received the award in the category Cultural Institution.


  • STAGE Exhibition: Exploring New Fragility Through Art & Science

    Get ready to experience new sensory realms with the new STAGE exhibition, running until June 20 at Art.ITMO.Residency in St. Petersburg. Visitors will explore emotions in VR, rediscover metaverses, watch robots put on a stage – and much more. Read on to find out more about the projects on display from their creators. 


  • Exploring Russia’s First BioArt Lab at ITMO University

    ITMO’s Art & Science Center is now home to BioArt Lab – the one and so far the only laboratory of biotechnological art in Russia. With acclaimed artist and biologist Ippolit Markelov as its founder, the laboratory welcomes not only students of the Art & Science program but also students of other specializations and visiting artists. Learn more about the lab’s research and how you can join below.


  • ITMO Art & Science Center Wins “St. Petersburg of the Future” Award From Magazine

    The center’s projects took first place in the category Media Case of the Year. The jury took note of the winners’ newsworthy projects and exhibitions, as well as their contribution to the popularization of science art. The awards were presented on February 16 during an official ceremony in the historical Hotel Astoria.


  • Art, Death & Robots: Meet the Winners of Russia’s First Award for Young Science Artists

    In total, the competition received more than 170 submissions from all over the country. However, just 14 of them were declared winners. A fortune-telling AI, human-to-robot communications, and an attempt to make sense of death and immortality by bringing extinct birds back to life – keep reading to find out more about the ASTA award’s top entries.


  • ASTA: Russia’s First Award for Young Science Artists Unveils Longlist

    The ASTA award for young science artists has just announced its longlist, which includes 54 projects. In total, the jury received more than 170 submissions from students and graduates of the country’s leading universities.