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  • Art Digitalization: 3D Exhibition by ITMO University and the Center of Mikhail Shemyakin

    Students from ITMO University, in collaboration with the Center of Mikhail Shemyakin, created and launched a large-scale interactive 3D display titled Mikhail Shemyakin: Self-Portraits celebrating the works of artist and sculptor Mikhail Shemyakin, with an emphasis on his rare self-portraits.


  • Results of the Open Call for ITMO University’s Art & Science Residency

    The best ideas were submitted by the artists from the USA, Argentina, India, and South Korea. The winners will be able to work at ITMO University’s Art & Science residency and present their projects at a joint exhibition.  


  • ITMO University Launches an Art Residency for Innovative Projects in the Field of Art & Science

    ITMO University’s Art & Science Center has launched an open call for applications to its new art residency. The competition is open for both beginning and experienced artists working in the field of Art & Science all over the world. The applications are accepted until April 26 on the center’s official website. In this article by ITMO.NEWS, read about how the new residency will operate and how you can claim the opportunity to work on the university’s platform developing your art projects in collaboration with ITMO University scientists.