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  • ITMO University Expands BIM Program in Partnership with Industry Leaders

    BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a new area of engineering design that lets engineers analyze blueprints, detect possible faults and model the physical properties of construction projects. An occupational retraining program on BIM has been active at ITMO for more than a year now. This year, it was expanded with a new module developed in collaboration with the company «Geodezicheskie Pribori». In September, the course will launch with an additional module developed in collaboration with Renga Software. ITMO.NEWS spoke to specialists in the field to learn why BIM technology is so crucial to the Russian business.


  • Best IoT Projects from Autodesk Hackathon at ITMO

    On November 24 to 26, ITMO University’s Convergent Innovations Center hosted the three-day 3D hackathon organized by ITMO and Autodesk for the second time. Participants were tasked with creating projects using the cloud-based software Autodesk Forge, which lets users integrate interactive 3D models into web apps to solve practical problems.


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