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  • Best Places to Ride Your Bicycle in St. Petersburg

    Summer is almost here, and it’s time to kick off the bicycle season! Start with the upcoming Bike with the Rector event and explore other bike-friendly places around St. Petersburg.


  • Two Cities, 200 Participants, One Ride: Bike Ride with Rector 9.0

    Yesterday marked the ninth time when ITMO’s students, teachers, staff and friends met with Rector Vladimir Vasilyev for a picturesque bike ride in St. Petersburg’s seaside district. This time, they were accompanied by the participants of the METANANO 2018 International Conference that is taking place in Sochi. This year’s ride brought together more than 200 people, including the University’s research associates, exchange students from different countries, and even 2010 Nobel Prize winner in physics Prof. Andre Geim.