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  • ITMO Researchers Developing Alternative to PCR Testing

    A joint research team from ITMO University and the University of Central Florida are working on a new type of nanosensors – the so-called DNA nanomachines (nanorobots) – that can unfold RNA and DNA structures to identify pathogen-specific sequences. Unlike PCR tests, the new testing method does not require expensive equipment and special conditions and can thus be performed outside laboratories. Here is what you need to know about the novel diagnostics method. 


  • ITMO Researchers Find a Way to Control Whole-Cell Biocatalysis Using Magnetic Fields

    The suggested method allows researchers to control whole-cell biocatalysis without any effect on the cells’ viability. The method can considerably improve biosynthetic and biotechnological processes. The research has been published in The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. 


  • ITMO Researchers Develop Unique Printing Technology for Invisible Images

    This inkjet printing technology makes it possible to create a transparent protective image that can only be seen using polarized light – such as when using a smartphone screen.


  • ITMO Chemists Created a New Functional Material for Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Potential Use

    The new substance luminesces in the visible area and contains radicals in its structure. Research work continues, but the first results have already been published in Chemistry: The European Journal.


  • Besting Elon Musk at Memristors and Making a Vascular System Model to End Animal Testing: Results of SCAMT Workshop Week

    Yet another installment of the international winter school SCAMT Workshop Week has recently wrapped up at ITMO University. Over the course of a week, more than 40 participants from different Russian cities were attending lectures, collaborating on scientific projects, mastering working with state-of-the-art equipment and just getting to know each other. ITMO.NEWS met the organizers and students to find out what they’d found the most memorable.


  • Interdisciplinary Innovations at ITMO University: In Conversation With ChemBio Professor Ekaterina Skorb

    Last September, ITMO University chemistry professor Ekaterina Skorb won the L’Oreal – UNESCO “For Women in Science” contest. For the past year, she has conducted research as part of ITMO University’s ChemBio Cluster in the past year. ITMO.NEWS met with Prof. Skorb to talk about the results of 2018, Russia’s scientific prospects and her love of opera.


  • ITMO Launches New Master’s Program ‘Bioeconomics and Resource Management’

    Every year, the world’s major nations invest hundreds of millions into the green economy. In recent years, some of the biggest trends in that area have been energy-saving measures and the use of renewable energy sources. But what should one learn and which skills are necessary to work in this field? In 2019, ITMO University is launching the new Master’s program ‘Bioeconomics and Resource Management’ to train specialists in energy and resource preservation, petroleum chemistry, and biotechnologies. More about the program and its features below.


  • New English Programs at ITMO’s Biochemistry Cluster: SCAMT Students Share

    Two new Master's programs in English - Nanoengineering for Green Chemistry and Advanced Materials and Molecular Biosensing and Biorobotics - were launched this year at the Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology of ITMO's Biochemistry cluster. These educational programs adhere to the modular approach, hence the students can choose the subjects they want to learn, make the most of the lectures read by internationally renowned guest speakers, as well as participate in academic mobility programs and plan their unique educational paths. Yet, education is not the primary goal here, but just a great complement to intensive work at the SCAMT (Solution Chemistry of Advanced Materials and Technologies) International Laboratory. Students will take part in relevant research projects and publish their papers in top-rated science magazines. Thus, the new programs gathered the most promising graduates from the country's best universities; the new Master's students shared about the kinds of research they are interested in, what they expect from studying at ITMO University and how its Master's programs differ from those in other universities.


  • ITMO University’s Scientists Receive Prestigious Ulrich Award

    The award for achievements in the field of sol-gel technology was granted to Vladimir Vinogradov, Head of ITMO University’s International Laboratory "Solution Сhemistry of Advanced Materials and Technologies" (SCAMT) and to Alexander Vinogradov, head of ITMO’s Biochemistry cluster. This prestigious international award has been given to young scientists from all over the world since 1991; 2017 marks the first time it goes to scientists from Russia.