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  • ITMO Scientists Breed High-Protein Fly Larvae for Use as Cattle Feed

    Researchers at ITMO University have suggested a technology for controlled breeding of high-protein black soldier fly larvae that includes specially selected breeding conditions and food waste substrate with a high protein content. Apart from decreasing the amount of organic waste, the new technology will help create an alternative non-plant-based protein source for feeding cattle.


  • Top Projects of ITMO’s First FoodTech Accelerator

    In 2022, ITMO launched its first accelerator for foodtech projects, where participants learned to manage teams, choose the most appropriate markets for their products, and attract investments. Read on to learn more about the projects that went through to the final and were presented in front of experts.


  • BioPrint Workshop Takes Place at ITMO University

    Top scientists from Canada, Germany, China, and the US have discussed the future of bioprinting with students, who also were able to try 3D printing with their own hands. Learn more in this ITMO.NEWS article.