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  • ITMO's Monday Science Roundup #16

    In today’s digest of research news from ITMO University, you’ll read about exciting new research in the field of nanoscience, find out how to attend the latest conference for robotics (or chemistry – or both) buffs, and learn some fascinating insights into this year’s Nobel Prizes and the curious science of biomimetics.


  • How Biomimetics Helps Scientists Create Materials With New Properties

    Biomimetics is an approach that helps scientists develop new materials and devices based on principles present in nature. We’ve talked about how it’s applied in robotics, but there are many other fields in which it’s also used. For example, physicists working with lasers make use of biomimetics to edit and enhance properties of various materials.


  • Biomimetics: The Science of Robo-Animals

    Boston Dynamics’ Spot, bionic kangaroos and even ants – biomimetics allows us to replicate almost any living thing. But why do roboticists look to animals for inspiration, what do they do at ITMO, and how do you make a robot act “natural”? ITMO.NEWS investigates.