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  • 5 Expat Blogs in St. Petersburg

    The cultural capital of Russia is brimming with expats from around the world experiencing the culture and lifestyle of St. Petersburg. Some are studying, some are working, and some are dancing. Get a taste of life in this beautiful city through an international lens by checking out their blogs and social media pages.


  • Allergist Olga Zhogoleva on Evidence-Based Medicine and Myths

    Allergist Olga Zhogoleva is not only known for her medical practice – she also runs a popular Instagram blog about evidence-based medicine with over 160,000 followers.


  • Five Science Blogs You May Find Interesting

    Nowadays, “blogosphere” is one of the most rapidly developing areas of the Internet, and specialists from the field of science have begun to use this instrument in order to acquaint the public with research results or just share interesting facts. The idea of celebrating Blog Day emerged in 2005 when active users of LiveJournal (a Russian social networking service -- Ed.) noticed that the word “blog” looks much like the number 3108, and held the first Blog Day on the 31st of August. Those who celebrate the occasion usually post small reviews on five different blogs from different countries. ITMO.NEWS decided to join the flashmob and acquaint you with its own choice of five blogs by scientists and science communicators.


  • Do It Yourself: Citizen-Led City Planning

    Thanks to social media, people can easily discuss problems, organize events, and even influence the political decision-making process. Citizens don’t want to be silent anymore, as they start seeing their cities as platforms for communication, creative work, and business. Urbanist and popular blogger Timo Hämäläinen, whose blog ‘From Rurban to Urban’ was rated among the best in its category by The Guardian, talked about urban development in Finland during the Geography for Everyone summer school that took place at ITMO University.