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  • Scientists Developed New Contactless Method of Measuring Blood Flow in Hands

    A research team from ITMO University and the Almazov Center proposed a new contactless method for measuring blood flow in the upper limbs. The method is based on video recording of the skin surface under green light measuring the absorption of red blood cells. This helps to see how effective the circulatory system and the blood flow regulation are. The experimental results showed that the proposed method is as accurate as the traditional one. However, it is easier in use, cheaper, and fits more patients. The research was supported by the Russian Science Foundation (grant 15-15-20012) and published in Biomedical Optics Express.


  • Researchers Investigate Correlation Between Blood Flow and Body Position

    For the first time ever, an international research group detected alterations in capillary blood flow around the face caused by body position change. This became possible through the use of imaging photoplethysmography. Using this method, scientists can examine blood vessels located in the carotid system in order to, for example, investigate the cerebral blood flow response to various stimuli in health and disease. The results of the research were published in Scientific Reports.