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  • Must-Read Russian Books for Learners of Any Level

    One of the best ways to build fluency in a foreign language and gain a deeper understanding of the culture is by immersing yourself in its literature in its original form, and Russian is no exception. For this article, we’ve reached out to the teachers of ITMO’s Foreign Language Training Center for their reading recommendations, from renowned classics to modern fiction. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced learner, we’ve got something for everyone!


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: May 20-21, 2023

    From experiencing art after dark to enjoying a magnificent light-and-water show, here are some of our go-to ideas for an outdoorsy weekend.


  • 5 Unique Characters in Russian Literature

    From living statues to fluffy misfits and creatures of no breed, Russian literature can boast a great collection of characters that will leave you in awe – akin to those coming from abroad.


  • Books, Podcasts, and YouTube Channels To Keep Your Brain Running on Holidays

    Do you need a break from the usual holiday activities of visiting friends, playing in the snow, and gathering around the table with your family? How about learning something useful and practicing your Russian skills? From ITMO.NEWS, here are a few popular science books, podcasts and YouTube channels for you to explore.


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: December 10-11, 2022

    As our city is gradually turning into a snow globe, it’s time for us, too, to gear up for the upcoming holidays. Here’s what this weekend has in store: a charity book sale, an early Christmas market, a gift-centered exhibition, and some interesting movie screenings. Enjoy!


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: October 29-30, 2022

    The year’s spookiest weekend is approaching, which is why this guide is packed with Halloween events and parties. Don’t worry, however: if scary is not your thing, there is plenty to do without the need to get your costume out. Let’s get right to it.


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: May 21-22, 2022

    With warmer days in the forecast, it’s simply a crime to spend your time off at home! Rain or shine, spend this weekend in an active mode with our best picks of things to see and do in St. Petersburg.


  • Our Favorite Feel-Good Books

    We all have our good days, bad days, and the in-between days when anything from watching a good movie to seeing our friends, or even just listening to a favorite song, can change the mood of the day. Books can be a great source of joy and inspiration when we're feeling down and need a pick-me-up. So, we've put together some of our favorite books that always give us a boost.


  • Top 5 Reading Apps in English and Russian

    All-time classics and new releases, user-friendly formats, and a great deal of free ebooks and audiobooks – here are five must-try apps to help you keep up with your reading goals anytime and anywhere.


  • From Evidence-Based Medicine to Neuroscience: Nine Most Popular Books on Health

    If you want to better understand your own body and improve your health literacy, here are nine excellent books on medicine for all tastes.