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  • ITMO Alumna & YADRO Developer on Why and How To Become a Data Storage Specialist

    As data volumes are continuously increasing, experts are seeking new ways to advance storage solutions. In this article, Valentina Bogdanova, an ITMO graduate and a developer of the Russian corporate storage system TATLIN.FLEX at YADRO, shares how she got started in the field, how education helped her along the way, and what developers and chefs have in common.


  • A Master's Degree for Career Change: Real-Life Stories from ITMO Graduates

    With many yesterday’s students struggling to make a career decision, it is not uncommon for Bachelor’s graduates to opt not to have a job related to their major. The good news is, one can retrain, start a new career, or adapt to a change in the workspace at almost any age – for instance, by getting a Master’s degree in a completely different field. Read the stories from our graduates about what inspired them to switch their career paths and how they did it.


  • Who Are Mentors and How To Become One at ITMO

    With 2023 declared the Year of Teacher and Mentor in Russia, ITMO University is launching a new initiative for all those wishing to share their knowledge and experience with others and help newcomers adapt to their workplace. Let’s find out more about the project from ITMO’s recruitment and staff adaptation specialists.


  • Finding Support and Investments: A Guide for Student Startups

    Creating your own startup is not a quest for the faint of heart: along the way, you will need to develop your idea and secure investments while avoiding all the common pitfalls. At Startup Aquarium, a recent meetup for budding startupers, investors and entrepreneurs shared their experience with the matter. Here are the main takeaways. 


  • Laser Physicists: What They Do and How You Can Become One

    From cancer diagnostics and treatment to observation of gravitational waves and high-speed fiber-optic internet connection – laser technologies have a plethora of applications. They are all developed by laser physicists. Read on to learn more about their work and how you can train to be one of them.


  • ITMO Graduates’ Salaries in IT Ranked Among Highest in Russia

    SuperJob, a Russian job-hunting platform, has published its annual ranking of Russian universities according to the size of salaries earned by graduates in the IT industry. ITMO climbed from third to second place in the federal ranking and retained its leading position among the universities of St. Petersburg. Moreover, this year, ITMO graduates experienced the biggest salary increase among their peers from other Russian IT universities.


  • Does Diploma Equal Success? Here’s What Forbes 30 Under 30 Laureates Think

    Each year, Russia’s Forbes compiles a list of changemakers, from scientists to athletes and entrepreneurs, all under the age of 30, who have made a significant impact on their field. What helped them take off? And what do their degrees have to do with that? The nation’s best and brightest professionals answered these questions at the recent ITMO Open Education conference in St. Petersburg. 


  • From ITMO Student to Tech Pro: How to Land a Dream Job Before Graduation

    It’s been a year and a half since Mikhail Maltsev started working at Yandex, but he is just now approaching his graduation from ITMO. Read on to discover his advice on how students can get into a major tech company, what to expect at the interview, and how to secure an offer after a successful internship.


  • Yandex’s New Contest Lets Students Try Their Hand at Teaching IT

    Yandex Academy, the tech company’s educational branch, has launched a contest which lets Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD students enrolled in IT-related programs aid their lecturers. The winners will be offered a temporary position as teaching assistants for the next one or two semesters. The application deadline is May 22. Keep reading to find out more about the various responsibilities that this job entails.


  • A Perfect CV: Land Your First Job With These Tips from Sberbank Experts

    Even though competition for jobs in IT is infamously tough, your CV can help secure your job prospects among thousands of similar specialists on the job market. Learn how to compile one with the tips shared by experts from Sberbank at the educational forum It’s Your Call!