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  • Medical Journalist Elizaveta Babitskaya on Being an Informed Patient in Russia

    Having received her Bachelor’s degree in the field of quality management, ITMO University graduate Elizaveta Babitskaya decided to dramatically change her career and enrolled in ITMO University’s Master’s program in science communication. Elizaveta is now working as a medical journalist at the SeverGroup Medicine company, as well as collaborating with the Meduza magazine. Apart from that, she is the co-author of Profilaktika.Media project dedicated to cancer prevention. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, Elizaveta shares about what working as a medical journalist is like today and how to become an informed patient in Russia.


  • JetBrains VP of Developer Advocacy Hadi Hariri: Coding Matters, But Communication Matters More

    Hadi Hariri is a world-class IT specialist, head of developer advocacy at JetBrains, author of numerous articles, and the host of Talking Kotlin, a podcast dedicated to the popular programming language. Recently, Hadi came to ITMO University to deliver a talk. A writer for ITMO.NEWS met with him beforehand to find out what makes Kotlin one of the most promising programming languages, how modern high tech companies function, and why young specialists shouldn’t aspire to excel in just one field.


  • ITMO University Graduate On Working in Public Service and Studies at ITMO

    Elena Senicheva entered ITMO University’s Department of State Information Systems Management thanks to the victory in the Prof-IT Russian regional competition, organized by the E-Government Center. In this competition, local and regional authorities from all over Russia present their IT projects focusing on innovations and IT solutions that can benefit the development of various sectors of the Russian economy. The competition’s winners get a chance to study at ITMO University. Before joining ITMO as a Master’s student, Elena worked for 13 years at the Department of Land and Property Relations in Rostov-on-Don, and after that, she left the public service to work in a commercial company. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, Elena shares about her university days and how studying at ITMO University changed her life.


  • Programmer Alexander Mordvintsev on Working at Google, Curiosity and Future of Programming

    Alexander Mordvintsev, an ITMO University graduate and a researcher at Google, visited ITMO University’s National Center for Cognitive Technologies with a series of lectures on programming. In addition to analyzing real cases and providing valuable tips for young professionals, Alexander spoke to ITMO.NEWS about how he landed a job at the international corporation, switched from being a software engineer to a researcher, launched his project DeepDream, as well as what projects he is currently working on and why novice programmers should pay attention to modern chemistry and biology.


  • No Cords, No Cars: An ITMO University Lecture Takes a Peek Into Our Digital Future

    ITMO University has recently hosted the lecture “Digital World: How to Keep Up With the Times”, which explored the specifics of building a career in the era of internet, gadgets and widespread robotization. The speakers – psychologist, business coach, career orientation specialist and ITMO University lecturer Maria Ososkova, and educational events manager, online courses producer and online education coordinator Evgeny Trokhov – told their audience about the unique trends that have the potential to bring about a sea change in our professional lives in the years to come.


  • St. Petersburg to Get a Unified Human Capital Development Platform

    ITMO University’s industrial partner St. Petersburg company Netrika has taken part in today’s discussion of a unified information system “Human Сapital Development Platform”. The new system is aimed at helping each citizen discover their professional path all the way from high school to retirement. It is not only prospective employees who will benefit from this development, but employers and universities too. The concept of the system was presented at the Internet and Modern Society Conference that took place at ITMO University last week and brought together experts from different fields. ITMO.NEWS talked to Natalya Bystrova, a lead expert in the Education category, about the purpose of the platform and its defining features.


  • Develop a Course in General Physics and Join ITMO Team

    ITMO University’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering invites lecturers to take part in a competition on the development of general physics courses for the university’s Bachelor’s students. The winners will receive a prize of 100,000 rubles, as well as the opportunity to join ITMO University as lecturers. Read on to learn about how to participate and win.


  • ITMO Graduate and Business Coach Marianna Krel: When Working With People, Trust Comes Above All Else

    Marianna Krel graduated with honors from ITMO University in 2006. Having started out as a software engineer at OpenWayGroup after her graduation, she soon became a project lead and continued her education at a number of business schools and worked with a variety of companies, including France Telecom, PwC, and ROSATOM. Today, she is a business consultant on organizational adjustment projects and project management, an MBA lecturer at RANEPA, and an assessor of the Russian government’s Project Olympus contest. Ms. Krel was named among Delovoy Peterburg’s list of St. Petersburg Most Influential Women. Speaking to ITMO.NEWS, she discussed the importance of technical education for managers, the benefits of being multilingual, and the best way to launch one’s project.


  • How ITMO's Advance Program is Helping Young Russians Jump Start their Careers

    When Anton Manikhin and Ekaterina Korelevich were working in the food industry in St. Petersburg, they had no idea they would soon be chasing their true dreams – those of launching a language school and also an online site similar to Glassdoor. All they needed was to improve their English language skills, learn about entrepreneurship, and acquire some critical computer skills that would give them the tools they needed to start their own business.


  • Master’s Student Mrinal Vashisth: Embracing Interdisciplinarity is Like Discovering Your Superpowers

    Mrinal Vashisth came from Rajasthan, India, to study in ITMO’s Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Master’s program. Before that, Mrinal worked at one of India’s best independent research institutions, and in the future, he plans to focus on neuroscience and research the mechanisms of memory and language. ITMO.NEWS talked to him about the benefits of interdisciplinarity and the power of data.


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