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  • Open Call for Interns at ITMO University’s Administrative Departments

    Until January 21, 2022, ITMO’s administrative units can submit an application expressing their intention to hire an intern (a PhD, Master’s or, 3rd-4th-year Bachelor’s student). The interns will help ease the load on staff members and come up with new ideas, as well as develop their managerial skills and gain feedback from their mentors. Students who complete internships at ITMO’s administrative units will be added to the university’s prospective employee pool.


  • Programmer’s Day at ITMO University: Programming Championship, IT Lectures, and Online Concert

    On the 256th day of each year, programmers from all over the world celebrate their professional holiday. On this occasion, ITMO University hosted an online festival with music, prizes from VK, games, and popular science lectures.


  • ITMO.DigitalCareerWeek’20 Goes Online

    On April 6-10, 2020 ITMO University’s Career Center hosted the ITMO.DigitalCareerWeek’20 online event. Over the course of the week, the organizers hosted six webinars and two Q&A sessions with 14 companies and raffled off several personal career consultations by top-tier professionals. Read on to learn more about how the new online format changed the event. 


  • Robotic Trolleys, Smart Drones and Full Automation: How Things Work at Unilever Factory in St. Petersburg

    Education is all about broadening your horizons and developing an understanding of how your future work can help to make the world a better a place. Bearing that in mind, ITMO University’s Career Center organized a tour for ITMO students to one of the factories of Unilever, the leader in the food and personal care products market. ITMO.NEWS writes about the highlights of the tour, the Center’s plans for the future and the best internships at Unilever.