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  • St. Petersburg Public Transport Reform: QR Tickets and New Routes

    Starting from April 1, the city is implementing a major public transport reform geared towards a safer, more reliable, and more convenient system. What changes can you expect? Read on to find out!


  • Greening for Sustainable Development: Highlights from Lectures on Urban Studies

    Recently, a series of lectures on urban studies was held at ITMO’s Institute of Design & Urban Studies within the framework of the elective course UN Sustainable Development Goals and Smart and Sustainable Urban Development.


  • ITMO’s Cultural Navigation Course: Lectures, Challenges, and Quests

    The Navigating St. Petersburg's Culture course has become one of the disciplines taught at ITMO University. Its program includes lectures on the city’s cultural environment, its architecture and suburbs, literature, theater, and much more. Learn more about the course in this article by ITMO.NEWS.


  • From the Peter and Paul Fortress to Five Corners: a quick guide to St. Petersburg for First-Year Students

    St. Petersburg is the cultural capital of Russia, the largest IT center in the country, and, of course, the home of ITMO. Hello, first-years! Now, you are officially a part of ITMO Family. And if you haven't had time to get to know the city yet, we made these five maps for you. On them, we have collected key attractions and the most interesting places worth visiting. And all of them are very close to the university’s buildings. We will start from the University’s main building on Kronverksky Pr. 49, let's go!


  • Urban Change Week in St. Petersburg

    On March 27, ITMO University announced its participation in the organization of Urban Change Week, one of the biggest events in the field of urban studies both in St. Petersburg and Russia. At a press conference at the Russian News Agency TASS, St. Petersburg’s Vice Governor Evgeniy Elin, ITMO University Rector Vladimir Vasilyev and other participants discussed the key tasks and topics of the upcoming event.