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  • Student Spotlight: Juan Camilo Diosa, Colombia

    This week, we’re talking to Juan Camilo Diosa, who is getting a Master’s degree with the Big Data and Machine Learning program. He came from Colombia almost two years ago, and in this interview, he told us some of his experiences as an international student and why he chose Russia to reach his educational goals.


  • Student Spotlight: Jorge Medina, Colombia

    Jorge Medina left Colombia to enroll in the Information Security Master’s program at ITMO University. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, he told us about the reasons behind the decision to study in Russia and the story of his love for St. Petersburg, with its landscapes allowing him to practice photography –  his greatest hobby.


  • Student Spotlight: Allison Ascanio, Colombia

    Allison Ascanio is a first-year Bachelor’s student of Biotechnology at ITMO University. We chat with her about her experiences in Russia and how her vision of Russia has changed dramatically throughout this past year.


  • Student Spotlight: Jose David Ortiz, Colombia

    Jose David Ortiz, a Bachelor’s student in the program Computer Systems and Technologies at ITMO University, tells ITMO.NEWS about his experiences, the initial challenges he faced, and why he ended up enjoying his studies in Russia.