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  • ITMO University’s Faculty Support Office: Consultations, Workshops, and Internships

    ITMO’s Faculty Support Office has opened its doors for the academic staff on Lomonosova and Chaykovskogo streets, as well as Kronverksky prospect. The office provides information, conducts workshops, and offers professional development courses and internships.


  • Just Ask: How Does New Cancer Consultation Service Work

    Each year, over 650,000 Russians fall victim to cancer. But despite these overwhelming figures, there’s no shared understanding of what a patient should do in their specific condition. That makes their struggle all the more difficult to navigate, leaving them no clue as to where they should go, what they should do, and to whom they should turn for help. So people resort to the internet, but its advice is often far from trustworthy. To address the issue, the Cancer Prevention Foundation has launched a consultation service Prosto Sprosit (Russian for ‘just ask’), where all user queries are answered by medical practitioners. ITMO.NEWS looks into the workings of the service and how it could help cancer sufferers.