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  • ITMO Students Win Numerous Prizes at National Contest Your Turn

    Eight ITMO University students have emerged victorious during the third season of the national student contest Your Turn. Three of the winners, taking part in the contest’s project competition, received grants of 1 million rubles to develop their projects further. Another three students, who accumulated the most points through research surveys, were presented with certificates for a trip across Russia. Two more students were chosen as part of the contest’s top 100 ambassadors.


  • Yandex’s New Contest Lets Students Try Their Hand at Teaching IT

    Yandex Academy, the tech company’s educational branch, has launched a contest which lets Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD students enrolled in IT-related programs aid their lecturers. The winners will be offered a temporary position as teaching assistants for the next one or two semesters. The application deadline is May 22. Keep reading to find out more about the various responsibilities that this job entails.


  • Multiplying Talents Contest Concludes in St. Petersburg

    More than 3,000 school students of grades 8 to 11 from all across Russia took part in the competition. The participants competed in solving complex problems at the intersection of math, chemistry, computer science, and engineering. The victory was awarded to students from Tyumen, Megion, and Orenburg. Other finalists included participants from Moscow, St. Petersburg, the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, and the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug. All finalists will receive bonus Unified State Exam points when applying to leading Russian technical universities (such as ITMO) and will be supported at the start of their future career.


  • ASTA: Russia’s First Award for Young Science Artists Unveils Longlist

    The ASTA award for young science artists has just announced its longlist, which includes 54 projects. In total, the jury received more than 170 submissions from students and graduates of the country’s leading universities. 


  • ITMO Scientists Win the First Blue Sky Research Innovative Scientific Projects Contest

    The award ceremony of the experimental innovative scientific projects competition Blue Sky Research – Artificial Intelligence in Science was held in St. Petersburg on December 13. The contest’s prize pool amounted to 15 million rubles. Thirty young scientists from St. Petersburg, Moscow, Rostov-on-Don, and Krasnoyarsk made it to the finals. Their teams worked on interdisciplinary projects combining artificial intelligence, chemistry, and synthetic biology. Among them were four teams from ITMO University.


  • Information & Cyber Security Track at I Am a Professional: Why You Need It and How to Prepare

    In a few days, online registration for the contest I Am a Professional will close for this year’s participants. All winners of the contest will have the chance to enter some of the country’s best universities without exams and gain access to the contest’s career center, while those who make it to the top and become the contest’s medalists will also enjoy prize money and internships at major Russian companies. This season, ITMO is responsible for three tracks within the contest, including Information & Cyber Security. In this article, we will introduce you to this field and offer a few tips on how to best prepare for the contest. 


  • Programming and Information Technologies Track at I Am a Professional: Why You Need It and How to Prepare

    The I Am a Professional contest, which continues to accept applications up until November 15, is an excellent chance for students to test their skills and competencies, win money prizes, receive internship offers, and, most importantly, get into one of the best universities in Russia without any entrance exams. This year, ITMO is organizing three tracks of the competition, one of which is Programming and Information Technologies. In this article, Alexander Mayatin, the track’s curator and an associate professor at the Information Technologies and Programming Faculty, speaks about why students should join the contest and how they can prep to win.


  • Robotics Track at I Am a Professional: Why You Need It and How to Prepare

    The online registration for the sixth annual contest I Am a Professional is in full swing and this year, just like any other, this event is every student’s chance to enter the country’s best universities without entrance exams. ITMO University is responsible for three of the contest’s tracks, including Robotics, curated by Dmitrii Dobriborsci, an associate professor at the Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies. In this article, he tells us why you should take part in the contest and how you can train to ace it.


  • AI + Chemistry: Reasons to Join ITMO’s DataCon

    From July 19 to August 1, ITMO’s SCAMT Institute is holding DataCon, a free online workshop and hackathon for school and university students, where participants will learn to solve chemical problems using AI and machine learning and build predictive models based on aggregated data. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming event.


  • ITMO Students Win Alfa Bank Contest and Receive 300,000 Ruble Prizes

    Every year, Alfa Bank offers talented students the opportunity to receive funding for developing their professional skills or their projects via the Alfa Chance program. This year, Arina Dorofeeva and Denis Martseniuk, third-year Bachelor’s students at ITMO University, won the contest. Read on to learn how the winners can spend their cash prizes and how to increase your chances of winning.