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  • Top Places To Learn About Space in St. Petersburg

    Today, on April 12, we celebrate Cosmonautics Day and the International Day of Human Space Flight! Russians are very proud of their advances in space exploration, so it comes as no surprise that there are many great locations where you can learn more about our endless and mysterious universe. 


  • To Infinity and Beyond: How Modern Discoveries Are Changing Our Understanding of the Solar System

    We are used to viewing the Solar System as something well-known – all of us learn the planets and their classification at school – but over the past 30 years many discoveries have been made that changed the way we think about the closest astronomical objects to Earth. The discovery of a new class of dwarf planets, Pluto’s denunciation, the launch of New Horizons and  Voyager, which reached the edge of heliopause to find the Kuiper belt and the scattered disc, water found on Mars and the Moon – all of these milestones demonstrate the limits of our knowledge and point at an abundance of future discoveries.   


  • School Students Launching Sputniks Into Space? No Big Deal Today, Says This Educator

    Elon Musk’s Falcon 9 and Dragon spacecraft are all the rage right now, but how did the story of reusable space systems actually start? What was the Germans’ plan to conquer the atmosphere in the 1930’s? What’s the secret of the American space successes? Mikhail Lutsky, a graduate of the St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation and educator at the Sirius educational center, delved into rocket science at his lecture on first recoverable spaceships. ITMO.NEWS presents the keynotes of his speech. 


  • “Will Musk Catch Up With Korolev”: Private Space Industry's Journey to the Stars

    Cosmonautics has always attracted the interest of the public, but now this scientific area creates an especially loud buzz. This is largely due to the popularizing activities of Elon Musk; this South Africa-born innovation entrepreneur is often labeled as the pioneer of private space rocket production. But Russia has its own answer to Elon Musk: the legendary Soviet spacecraft engineer Sergei Korolev. In his lecture at St. Petersburg’s Planetarium 1 quizzically titled as “Will Musk Catch Up With Korolev”, Andrey Emelyanov, a renowned spacecraft test engineer and member of the Russian Cosmonautics Federation, compared the scientific footprints of these two cosmonautics’ towering figures. ITMO.NEWS publishes the highlights of this talk.