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  • Student Spotlight: Carlos Benavides Sánchez, Costa Rica

    Ever heard of spider monkeys or quetzal birds? Well, they are a common sight in Costa Rica, the “green country” located in Central America. Hailing from this land of dense rainforests and warm beaches is Carlos, an international student at ITMO. Besides being a martial arts pro, Carlos is also a great cook and sculptor. Read on to learn more about his experiences in Costa Rica and St. Petersburg.


  • ITMO Robotics Team Gets Gold at World Robot Olympiad 2017

    The World Robot Olympiad (WRO-2017) has just come to a close in Costa Rica. The international competition for talented school and university students involves participants from more than 60 countries. ITMO’s team of school students, led by coach Igor Lositskiy, has won the gold medal in the Open category’s Senior age group. Russian teams have also claimed gold medals in all three age groups of the Regular category (as well as both silver and bronze in the Elementary age group), the bronze medal in the Robot Football competition and another gold medal in the Open category.