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  • How 3D Printing and Chemistry Can Help Fight Forgery

    The number of counterfeit goods on the global market continues to grow and the ongoing pandemic has only made the situation worse. As estimated by Euromonitor International, the global economy has lost as much as $2.2 trillion from sales of fake products in 2020. What does the world do to overcome the crisis? Can science save the day? The answer is, in fact, yes. ITMO scientists have recently proposed a highly promising anti-counterfeiting technology – a special gel ink based on 3D printing. In this article, Egor Ryabchenko, a Master’s student at ITMO’s ChemBio Cluster, answers the most frequently asked questions about this novel method and others.


  • Optical Computers Explained: Will They Replace the Regular Kind?

    Modern computers are becoming increasingly more power-hungry and their performance doesn’t always meet our needs. Some say that optical computers could be the solution. ITMO University professor Ivan Iorsh spoke to ITMO.NEWS to help us learn what they are.


  • Crash Course in Photonics: Part 2

    We continue to explore what makes photonics so cool – and why thousands of scientists around the world are drawn to this field.


  • Crash Course in Photonics: Part 1

    What is photonics? For one, it is a highly promising field of research that holds the key to our future. But what’s so great about it, and why is it about to kick regular electronics’ butt? Learn the answer in our illustrated series about a bright little fella called Photon.