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  • New Partnership: ITMO’s Esports Team and CS.MONEY

    Esports is a new, growing industry in Russia with the number of viewers already exceeding ten million people and total revenue of around 12 million dollars. ITMO University also has been contributing to the development of this field and shall continue to do so in collaboration with CS.MONEY.


  • ITMO University and Russian eSports Federation Launch Scholarships for Gamers

    ITMO University and the Russian eSports Federation have launched Russia’s first-ever scholarship for cyberathletes. To become a recipient, students need to score well on their Unified State Exam (USE), enroll in a tuition-free program and win the cyberathlete portfolio competition. Recipients of the scholarship will be given a monthly stipend of 10,000 rubles throughout their first semester; those who pass their first exam session with high marks will continue receiving the stipend in their second semester.


  • Future Technologies Accelerator Unveils New Projects Lineup

    The fifth acceleration program Future Technologies has recently started at ITMO University; this time, a record high number of projects passed the selection process. Various startups in the fields of VR, food, videogaming, blockchain, nanotechnologies and other will be thoroughly prepared for entering the market.


  • Cybersports: How Gamers Become Professionals?

    For those who are not familiar with gaming, "cyber-sport" even sounds strange — what sport is that if it only exists in virtual space? Yet, professional teams that play League of Legends or Counter-Strike gather whole stadiums and earn millions, and the new sport has its own requirements to sportsmen. How one becomes a cyber-sportsman, and what gaming tournaments are about — read that and more in our article.