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  • ITMO University and Russian eSports Federation Launch Scholarships for Gamers

    ITMO University and the Russian eSports Federation have launched Russia’s first-ever scholarship for cyberathletes. To become a recipient, students need to score well on their Unified State Exam (USE), enroll in a tuition-free program and win the cyberathlete portfolio competition. Recipients of the scholarship will be given a monthly stipend of 10,000 rubles throughout their first semester; those who pass their first exam session with high marks will continue receiving the stipend in their second semester.


  • Future Technologies Accelerator Unveils New Projects Lineup

    The fifth acceleration program Future Technologies has recently started at ITMO University; this time, a record high number of projects passed the selection process. Various startups in the fields of VR, food, videogaming, blockchain, nanotechnologies and other will be thoroughly prepared for entering the market.


  • Cybersports: How Gamers Become Professionals?

    For those who are not familiar with gaming, "cyber-sport" even sounds strange — what sport is that if it only exists in virtual space? Yet, professional teams that play League of Legends or Counter-Strike gather whole stadiums and earn millions, and the new sport has its own requirements to sportsmen. How one becomes a cyber-sportsman, and what gaming tournaments are about — read that and more in our article.