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  • Research is an Ongoing Process: ITMO Fellow Dmitry Glazov on Studying Dark Matter

    Scientists at ITMO’s Faculty of Physics are conducting atomic and molecular experiments, which are essential to understanding the universe, finding dark matter, and building the nuclear clock. In this article, Dmitry Glazov, a laureate of the ITMO Fellowship program, weighs in on the merits of such experiments and explains why studying atoms and molecules is vital to the discovery of dark matter.


  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #42

    Welcome to the life-universe-and-everything edition of our science news digest! That’s right, dear hitchhikers – we’re 42 installments deep and showing no sign of stopping. Quite appropriately, today we’ll learn about the secrets of the universe, as well as the more earthly matters of advances in modern photonics, medical breakthroughs, and the Russian infosec job market.


  • Well-Known but Never Observed: Dark Matter Explained

    Researchers worldwide are speeding up particles in colliders and digging deep underground to find axions or WIMPs. No, these are not superhero codenames – but hypothetical particles that are some of the proposed candidates for dark matter. What is dark matter? Why is it worth studying? And how can scholars see the unseen? Let’s find out with Dmitry Glazov, a senior researcher at ITMO’s Faculty of Physics.


  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #39

    It’s been a plentiful couple of weeks for science news here at ITMO.NEWS. Between a promising insight into the mysterious dark matter, exciting AI developments, and a look at the best and most underrated scientists of cinema, there’s something for every reader. Have a look!


  • A Material Simulating Dark Matter Particles Described

    A research team from ITMO University has devised a metamaterial that may be used to investigate the properties of axions, also known as dark matter candidates. The paper was co-authored by Frank Wilczek, a laureate of the Nobel Prize in Physics, and published in Physical Review B.


  • We Were Born In the Stars: An Astrophysicist’s Lecture at ITMO

    Alexander Ivanchik, an astrophysicist with a PhD in Physics and Mathematics and a researcher at the Ioffe Institute, gave a lecture on the Open Day of ITMO’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering. Read on to learn about the history of cosmology and the stories of Nobel Prize Laureates who studied space. 


  • Open Day at The Faculty of Physics and Engineering

    ITMO students and young scientists took part in the Open Day at The Faculty of Physics and Engineering and shared their experience of studying at the Faculty with applicants.