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  • ITMO Highpark to Welcome 2 Billion Ruble Data Processing Center

    During the ongoing XIV St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum, Mikhail Mastin, CEO of ITMO Highpark JSC, confirmed that the world-class research, education, and innovation center in the satellite city Yuzhny will become home to a cutting-edge data processing center.


  • ITMO PhD Student Designs Sustainable Development Project for the Pskov Region

    The project for sustainable development of the area near the Pskov State Regional Power Station was initiated by Sergey Gastev, a PhD student at the Faculty of Energy and Ecotechnology, with support from the administration of Pskov Oblast. Thanks to this project, the station that was supposed to be closed will be able to start functioning again. ITMO.NEWS contacted the project’s author and found out why he decided to save the power station and how his expertise in engineering helped find investors.