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  • Effective, Useful, Free: Two Resume-Boosting Services for Everyone

    Created a new CV but not sure if it’s good enough? Here are two great services to help you out. The first one has just been dropped by a global technology consultancy DataArt, who intended it for IT specialists. The second one is everybody’s helping hand.


  • DataArt Global Study: What are Russian Programmers Best At?

    In the run up to the Programmer’s Day, the Data Art global technology consultancy researchers have analyzed the data obtained from Skillotron, a game platform aimed at testing IT specialists’ knowledge and skills. Their findings highlighted the features specific for programmers from different countries. It turned out that Russian programmers are the fastest in the world in terms of answering test questions. They also ranked high in their willingness to make an unpaid contribution to the development of the IT professional community.


  • DataArt Reveals The Face Of A "Typical Programmer"

    Surely, you know well the stereotype of “typical” programmer who is bearded, gloomy and always wearing a sweater? And though Steve Wozniak doesn’t look anything like Linus Torvalds, much like thousands of IT-specialists are really different from their colleagues in the way they look, most people would still use the same old attire when thinking of how a programmer looks like. Still, does one’s profession really affect one’s outward appearance? This is the question that specialists from DataArt, an international company that focuses on design, development, and support of IT solutions, tried to answer. Having analyzed several thousands of photographs featuring developers from eight different countries, the project’s authors succeeded in creating the portrait of a typical programmer.


  • Dmitriy Andrianov: We've Lost Our Opportunity To Develop IT-Outsourcing Industry

    Dmitry Andrianov, former ITMO University graduate and now Senior Vice President of Engineering and Senior Software Architect at DataArt in London was once among those who developed, and is now working on big projects in the field of IoT. In an interview with ITMO.NEWS, he spoke about the problems and benefits of higher education, the most interesting engineering tasks he's worked on and the possible risks related to the development of IoT technologies.