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  • Food Industry Without Losses: ITMO Develops Revolutionary Equipment for De-freezing Fish

    De-freezing fish seems like an easy task — just leave them as they are, so they will thaw eventually. Still, in industrial scale, such approach leads to losses and decrease of the product’s quality. Staff from the "Food Technologies and Equipment" small innovative enterprise devised their own way to solving the problem.


  • Innovative Spaghetti for the Far North

    The Far North now piques the interest of many countries, as it is rich with resources that are yet to be developed. For instance, last year the National Arctic Development Commission was founded in Russia. Those who are set on "conquering" the North face many challenges. One of them is how to feed everyone under cold conditions with difficult access to good roads, with food supplies coming once a year? Eating only canned foods won't do. ITMO University developed and patented a unique ultrasound technology for processing spaghetti that can really diversify the food of polar explorers. Today is World Pasta Day — so we will tell you about this innovative spaghetti with meat that has a shelf life of about a year and a half and can be shipped to the North by the slump, without breaking into pieces.