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  • ITMO to Train Lecturers for St. Petersburg’s First IT School

    The new partnership was announced at a press conference on the construction of the first state-owned IT school in the city, held by the Government of St. Petersburg, ITMO University, and Arsenal Group. ITMO University has developed a concept and training program for teachers at the school with a view to continue implementing professional training programs for educators. Through these initiatives, the university will provide comprehensive training for young staff of new schools.


  • Make Your Own IT Project With VK Mini Apps

    You don’t need to be a developer or work at an IT company to make your own digital product. With VK Mini Apps, anyone can create one. Recently, the service’s DevRel Dmitry Zadokhin presented the platform at an open talk at ITMO. Here are the main takeaways from the event. 


  • Tinder for Scientists, New Business Collab Models: Report From ITMO Supervisory Council’s First Session of 2023

    Can a university be business partners with a major corporation on equal terms? And how should it collaborate with the industry in order to not just conduct projects, but also create products that elicit a response from consumers? What will ITMO look like in 2030? These were the subjects of discussion at this year’s first session of the university’s Supervisory Council. Keep reading for details.


  • More Than a University: ITMO is a Research and Educational Corporation

    Known as a science trailblazer and a leader in education in Russia, ITMO University has been making its name in other fields, too, by experimenting with new educational formats, establishing collaborative labs and centers with the country’s top companies, and stimulating its staff to found startups that go on to be accepted into renowned accelerators. Rapid growth and new challenges encourage the university to embark on a new development path – namely, to transform into a research and educational corporation. ITMO’s rebranding plans were unveiled during ITMO.conf, which was held today, on August 30, in Sevkabel Port.


  • ITMO Introduces New Logo and Style

    The new design is a result of ITMO University’s growth over the past few years. It reflects goals set as part of the new Open-Source University program. Find out more about the changes and underlying reasons in this article.


  • Is AI About to Replace Programmers?

    DeepMind, an AI development company and the creators of AlphaGo, an algorithm that managed to defeat a professional Go player, has come up with a new algorithm that can write software code and solve complex creative tasks. Dubbed AlphaCode, it is more successful than 46% of actual competitive programmers. However, it still can’t replace a human developer. Let’s find out why.


  • ITMO Highpark to Become Connected to St. Petersburg’s Water Supply Network

    The Vodokanal of St. Petersburg (the city’s main water utilities enterprise – Ed.) has begun the final stage of connecting ITMO Highpark to centralized cold water supply and disposal systems; as of now, the associated works are 80% done. As part of their efforts, the state utilities company’s specialists will install over 41 kilometers of engineering infrastructure.


  • ITMO Student Designs an Active Exoskeleton to Lift Weight

    Alexey Ledyukov, a student at ITMO’s Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics, has designed an exoskeleton that will be able to help lift up to 80 kilograms easily. At the same time, the suit itself doesn’t weigh much: you can move and even run in it freely. In this interview, Alexey shared how he managed to create his first exoskeleton while still in school and how his project can be of use to rescuers and airsoft fans.


  • ITMO Scientists Launch App for Meditation Quality Assessment

    A research team from ITMO’s Faculty of Information Technologies and Programming has developed an app that can assist its users in practicing meditation by analyzing their stance, breathing rate, and micromovements. Based on the latest AI technologies, Mindful Relax detects different poses with the help of a smartphone camera.


  • ITMO Avatar Insights: First Results of Testing and Reviews

    This fall, the ITMO’s Avatar team began beta testing the new app, which involved over 50 people. In this article, you can learn more about the app, the results of testing, and users’ feedback.