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  • How ITMO Researchers Are Using Speech Analysis to Diagnose Dementia and Parkinson's

    ITMO University researchers, as part of an international team, have developed a speech analysis algorithm for the elderly that can help diagnose neurological diseases such as dementia and Parkinson's disease in the early stages.


  • IMS, DTGS and EVA: Key Events of the Information Society and Technology Week

    Last week, the Information Society and Technology Week took place in St. Petersburg. ITMO University hosted three of its events: the 22nd united conference “Internet and Modern Society” (IMS-2019), the second international conference “Digital Transformations & Global Society” (DTGS-2017), and the interdisciplinary conference “EVA (Electronic Imaging & the Visual Arts) 2019 Saint Petersburg”. Some of the seminars and plenary sessions took place under the aegis of several conferences at once. For example, the open discussion on data, digital culture and digital society took place as part of the “Internet and Modern Society” conference and “EVA 2017 Saint Petersburg” conference. Read more about the conferences’ procedure, key topics, and opinions of experts.