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  • 4 Great Science Documentaries to Watch This Week

    Who said learning can’t be fun? In this article, we look at a few acclaimed documentaries that explore science in all its forms: the technology that forms our daily life, the wonders of life that exist around us, and the possibilities held by outer space. So, grab a snack, dim the lights, and let’s go!


  • Documentaries About Russia: Our Picks For Every Taste

    Watching a documentary film on a topic you’re interested in is probably the easiest way to both relax and learn something new. Here are several selected titles you can add to your watchlist if you feel like exploring Russia from different angles without leaving your couch.


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: November 26-27, 2022

    For a perfect late-fall weekend, the only things you'll need are a good spirit, your student ID, and a pair of skates – and our weekly digest to figure out what to do with all of that.


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: April 3-4, 2021

    Spring is in the air and you may want to spend even more time outdoors – and we do know a thing or two about welcoming this beautiful season of awakening nature and capricious weather. Yet we can’t but give you even more ideas to make the best of your days off. From an exhibition of Russian classical sculpture to various festivals on films and theater performances – get the scoop on these and other activities and find out where and when the best of them will take place.


  • Me & My Robot: ITMO Roboticists Feature in a Documentary by American Filmmaker Mark Decena

    The members of ITMO University’s robotics team from Creative Robotics Lab have been put in the spotlight in the documentary by an American documentary maker and director Mark Decena. Me & My Robot follows the young roboticists as they compete for gold at the World Robot Olympiad. The documentary has been presented at CPH:DOX, one of the largest and most prestigious international documentary festivals currently being held online. You can watch the film for free until April 5. 


  • The Planets by Prof Brian Cox: The Actual Best

    The coolest physicist of all time has come out with a new documentary series that travels through space and time to tell the mystifying story of the Solar System. Our verdict? Mind-blowing, mind-boggling and breath-taking, with a side of first-class entertainment


  • Popularizing Science: Director Dmitry Zagilevsky on Shooting Popular Science Films in Russia

    In Russia, a director who can shoot a true-to-life, proper science popular films is something rare. There are few documentarians who cover the work of scientists in Russia, as well. At the same time, people have become more interested in science, and open lectures by different scientists gather large audiences. Director Dmitry Zavigelsky shared on what popular science films should be like, why one sees fringe scientists on TV more often than true ones, and when sci-pop becomes something bad. His film "Waiting for Waves and Particles" will be shown at the Relevant Science Film Festival at ITMO University on December, 6th.