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  • Experts Discuss Future of Russian Esports

    Following Team Spirit’s win in the Dota 2 world championship The International 10, Russian experts have once again begun to discuss the development prospect of esports and whether it could one day become a recognized Olympic sport. How should this be done? Do universities need educational programs in esports? And how does gaming affect players’ health? These and other questions were discussed at a TASS press conference on the development of esports.


  • ITMO Graduate Dmitry 'Finargot' Plyusnin On His Career in Streaming and Russian Voice-over of Dota 2

    Dmitry Plyusnin graduated from the School of Computer Technologies and Control but has never worked in this field. ITMO.NEWS caught up with Dmitry to find out more about his Dota2VO media community, which he founded as a fourth-year student, and the first Russian voice-over of the popular game.


  • Startup Funbo Offers Educational Courses in eSports

    In January 2018, the startup Funbo began to organize online games where fans could play with professional  cyberathletes . By February, the project’s authors had already conducted about 10 games with different professional players, but they also faced issues that made them consider changing their project’s format. It turned out that the main motivation for playing with an accomplished  cyberathlete  is to learn something new, improve one’s skills, and get valuable advice, which is why the team decided to focus on an educational course that can turn an amateur gamer into a successful professional.


  • ITMO Students' Startup Lets Gamers Play With Top E-Sports Players

    Research by Mail.Ru Group shows that nearly every second Internet user in Russia plays online games. Last year, the Ministry of Sport placed e-sports on par with traditional sports such as football or basketball. Tony Estanguet, member of the International Olympic Committee, recently said that e-sports may well be included into the 2024 Olympics program. On the wave of e-sports’ growing popularity, ITMO Master’s students Nikolai Golos and Ivan Bormotkin launched their new project Funbo at the university’s Future Technologies accelerator. Funbo allows any gamer to play with professional cyber-athletes - an opportunity that few gamers ever had before. In an interview for ITMO.NEWS, Nikolai shared about the novel project