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  • 15 Russian Beauty Brands to Add to Your Routine

    For every budget and every body part, here’s our team’s selection of worthy makeup and skincare lines made in Russia.


  • Simple Rules for Being More Eco-Friendly

    So, you want to start doing your bit for the planet but don’t know where to start? Here are seven simple steps you can take today to decrease your carbon footprint.


  • A Guide to Second-Hand Shopping in St. Petersburg

    Sometimes, thrifting is like treasure hunting: you need a little luck to find gold. As we can’t give you a recipe for the liquid luck potion, let us share some handy info and top locations for seeking vintage clothes – and other treasures – around the city.


  • Crash Course: Recycling in St. Petersburg

    Did you ever want to change the world for the better but felt too small to matter? It’s high time to leave these thoughts in the past. Your daily choices can be humanity's path to a brighter future. Want to find out how to add your two cents?


  • ITMO.GREEN Club Holds Online Ecohabits Camp

    Ecohabits, an international eco-friendly camp, took place online on August 3-7. It was organized by ITMO.GREEN and SFERA. Read on to find out how it went.