Let’s start with one of the biggest players on the Russian beauty market, Natura Siberica, which has gained recognition for using natural ingredients sourced from Siberian plants and herbs. Their extensive line includes products for both skin and body, all boasting the benefits of natural components. The same values are also shared by Ecolatier, which, too, supports the eco-friendly agenda.

Natura Siberica owns several popular brands, including Organic Kitchen, which makes cosmetics in collaboration with influencers, and Planeta Organica, easily recognized by simple formulas and minimalist packaging.

If you need gentle-yet-effective cleansers for under 500 rubles, Art & Fact and Onme are a safe choice. As for more high-end skincare, a great example is Don't Touch My Skin. Their product range focuses on essential needs such as cleansing, exfoliating, hydration, and anti-aging. The brand prides itself on using skin-friendly ingredients and being fragrance-free. 

There’s something for hair, too. OLLIN Professional is a local pioneer brand for hair care in Russia, known for its affordability and quality. Their range of products, including shampoos, balms, and everything for styling, make it possible to achieve salon-like results at home.

Credit: Kelly Sikkema (@kellysikkema) via Unsplash

Credit: Kelly Sikkema (@kellysikkema) via Unsplash


Russian beauty stores have no shortage of budget-friendly makeup lines from local manufacturers. In recent years, they’ve placed their stalls at every nearby Ulybka Radugi and larger chains like Gold Apple. Here are some names and their must-have items: Vivienne Sabó makes the legendary Cabaret Première mascara, Art Visage is well-known for their eyebrow-fixing gel, Divage has won over customers with their face contour palette, and Influence Beauty stands out with their futuristic packaging.

For those who prefer not to shop at the mass market, there’s the St. Pete-based Samosvet. Their whole line is all about light colors and textures that highlight natural beauty with equally natural components. What’s cute is they name their shades after the city's iconic spots. How about some New Holland Island-colored lipstick?

Credit: everdrop GmbH (@everdrop) via Unsplash

Credit: everdrop GmbH (@everdrop) via Unsplash


Of course, the abovementioned brands are far from unsustainable: most of them have introduced recyclable packaging and banned animal testing of their products. 

However, if you'd like to adopt an even more environment-friendly beauty routine, pay attention to solid cosmetics. They are usually shampoos, hair conditioners, body wash, or creams without water or animal-based components. In vegan/zero-waste shops and online, you can get yourself such bars from Elska, Golodniy Leshiy, or eto ya. They not only prioritize nature conservation, but also care about aesthetics: plant oils in their formulas give their products fantastic scents.

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