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  • 15 Russian Beauty Brands to Add to Your Routine

    For every budget and every body part, here’s our team’s selection of worthy makeup and skincare lines made in Russia.


  • Start Your Year With Decluttering

    New Year – new me: who hasn’t been tempted by this maxim at least once? If you want to start your year with a grand cleanup or even a tiny little bit of decluttering, here is some of our wisdom on why and how to do it.


  • Crash Course: Recycling in St. Petersburg

    Did you ever want to change the world for the better but felt too small to matter? It’s high time to leave these thoughts in the past. Your daily choices can be humanity's path to a brighter future. Want to find out how to add your two cents?


  • Summer Decluttering: Clothes Edition

    If decluttering seems like a mammoth task and piles of your once-favorite clothes make your head spin, here are some handy-dandy tips and tricks on how to clean out your closet and help the planet by giving your belongings a second life.


  • ITMO Scientists Find a Way to Turn Blood Into Protein

    A research team that includes employees of ITMO’s Faculty of Biotechnologies has come up with a technology for processing blood into animal feed additives and was awarded a grant for its implementation.


  • Urban Studies Experts from ITMO and University of Helsinki Win Kone Foundation Grant

    As part of the grant, researchers from ITMO and their colleagues from University of Helsinki will implement a comparative study of recycling practices in St. Petersburg and Helsinki.


  • ITMO.GREEN Club Holds Online Ecohabits Camp

    Ecohabits, an international eco-friendly camp, took place online on August 3-7. It was organized by ITMO.GREEN and SFERA. Read on to find out how it went.


  • ITMO.GREEN: Students Doing Their Best to Save the World

    It's up to us to be the change we want to see in the world. The university's eco-club ITMO.GREEN brings together like-minded people who live the reduce-reuse-recycle mantra and are bringing about real, tangible good. You, too, can participate.


  • 5 Healthy Habits for the New Year

    It is our firm conviction that a little indulgence over the holidays is more than fine, whatever toxic “get fit or else” marketing would have you believe. But you may also want to start a new year with a cleaner slate – be it for your mental and physical health and/or the planet’s wellbeing at large. If that’s the case (go you!) – we’ve prepared a little checklist of healthy habits for you to try to incorporate. Just remember: every step, however small, matters, and we’re in it together!


  • Bones and All: ITMO’s Food Biotechnologies Researchers Propose New Zero-Waste Fish Consumption Technologies

    Zero-waste consumption is one of today’s biggest trends in a diverse range of industries. The abscence of waste material increases profitability, creates new jobs, and reduces environmental impact. Now, ITMO University researchers are proposing a number of technologies that would make it possible to manufacture useful products with high surplus value from the parts of fish that usually tend to go unused. We paid a visit to one of the laboratories at Lomonosova St. 9 to find out the uses for fish skins and how aquaculture waste can become useful.