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  • Bioinformatics Studies at ITMO’s Advanced Engineering School: Behind the Scenes

    Identifying hereditary diseases, preserving endangered species, and expanding the theory of evolution – these are just some of the challenges tackled by bioinformatics engineers. Today, these specialists are in demand across the scientific spectrum: in biotech, medicine, and even agriculture. One place where you can train to be one is at ITMO’s Advanced Engineering School – as part of the Master’s program Applied Genomics. The program’s new head, the bioinformatics researcher Mikhail Raiko, tells us all about studies and careers in this fascinating field.


  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #55

    Worried you’ve missed something new in the world of science? Worry not: here are the key updates on tech, education, and more from the recent weeks. New and gripping AI models, an eco-minded Master’s program for budding entrepreneurs, and the latest in science art – all this in today’s science roundup!


  • Switcheroo: ITMO Deans Manage Student Services Office for a Week

    ITMO’s Student Services Office offers a “one-stop” online and offline service where students can request academic documents or solve other related matters. For one week in April, deans of ITMO University faculties had the chance to get an insider’s view on the office’s workload by working as its managers. What was the purpose of this experiment, what were its results, and why introduce such practices at universities? Read on to find out.


  • ITMO to Train Lecturers for St. Petersburg’s First IT School

    The new partnership was announced at a press conference on the construction of the first state-owned IT school in the city, held by the Government of St. Petersburg, ITMO University, and Arsenal Group. ITMO University has developed a concept and training program for teachers at the school with a view to continue implementing professional training programs for educators. Through these initiatives, the university will provide comprehensive training for young staff of new schools.


  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #52

    Twice a month, we bring you the latest in research breakthroughs, educational opportunities, and other news from the world of science. In today’s digest: the future of quantum computing, the surprising role of the gut microbiome, and a new Master’s program for hands-on researchers.


  • Global Trends in AI and Robotics: ITMO Hosts 7th Educational Forum It’s Your Call!

    120 participants of the national student contest I Am a Professional have come to ITMO University for the seventh educational forum It’s Your Call! Over the course of a week, the students will attend lectures, go on guided tours of St. Petersburg’s top IT companies, develop their hard and soft skills at numerous workshops, and even take part in quickfire interviews. At the end of the event, participants will try to solve a case suggested by Sberbank, the event’s general partner, and present their solutions to an expert jury.


  • AI Tools for Researchers: Find Articles, Get Feedback, and Edit Your Texts

    AI is already used for all kinds of tasks, including generating ideas, creating illustrations, and debugging software code. Can AI tools also be used in science? For this article, we asked Alexander Kapitonov, an associate professor at ITMO’s Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies, about AI assistants that can come in handy in research.


  • YAC/e Conference: AI Ethics and Why IT Needs Humanities

    Several years ago, some of Russia’s major companies and universities, including ITMO University, signed the AI Ethics Code – a set of voluntary principles and rules designed to create an environment for ethical development of AI technologies. How should specialists cope with gray areas when creating novel products? What do developers need to know besides the technologies themselves? And why are humanities essential for AI? These questions were discussed by experts from ITMO, Yandex, and the European University at St. Petersburg during Yandex’s major educational conference YAC/e.


  • Over 30 Courses Launch on ITMO/Online

    The ITMO/Online educational platform launched in summer 2022 with a selection of nine courses in science art, bioethics, emotional intelligence and other fields. In 2023, the platform widened its scope, now offering over 30 paid and free courses in a wide array of fields, including IT, educational technologies, and business technologies. Learn more about the courses in this article. 


  • ITMO and Nau Engine Announce Strategic Partnership

    In an exciting development, ITMO University and the open-source Nau Engine have announced their strategic partnership, which, among other things, will entail the inclusion of the game engine into the university’s curricula and its use in development of educational content.