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  • Geek Teachers: ITMO University Graduate’s Project for Training School Teachers in New Technologies

    Having graduated from ITMO University in 2014, Maria Plotkina worked as a designer and, later, as a school teacher.  Over a year ago, together with her colleague, she established the project “Geek Teachers”, designed to reconcile the traditional school system with groundbreaking educational technologies. ITMO.NEWS met Maria to find out about her time at ITMO, her exciting work experience and projects, and why informal festivals in the glitter-loaded party format can make the education process at schools more open.


  • Professional Reboot: Empower Program at ITMO University

    Last week, ITMO University hosted a presentation session where participants of ITMO’s Empower program presented their projects for the Entrepreneurship module. According to the program’s coordinators, some of the projects are so good that they have all the chances to operate as full-fledged businesses. Read on to learn more about the Empower program and its participants. 


  • JetBrains VP of Developer Advocacy Hadi Hariri: Coding Matters, But Communication Matters More

    Hadi Hariri is a world-class IT specialist, head of developer advocacy at JetBrains, author of numerous articles, and the host of Talking Kotlin, a podcast dedicated to the popular programming language. Recently, Hadi came to ITMO University to deliver a talk. A writer for ITMO.NEWS met with him beforehand to find out what makes Kotlin one of the most promising programming languages, how modern high tech companies function, and why young specialists shouldn’t aspire to excel in just one field.


  • Life at St. Petersburg Lyceum 239’s Boarding School “Formula for Success”

    Three years ago, the Presidential Physics and Mathematics Lyceum No. 239 opened its boarding school Formula for Success. The school is designed for students of grades 10-11 from all around Russia (bar those from Moscow and St. Petersburg), as well as member states of the EEU. Since 2016, the school has welcomed students from 44 regions of the country; today, more than 70 students live there. During their stay at the school, they not only study, but also partake in sports, music, and creative projects which they come up with on their own.


  • Student Orientation and Meetings with Scientists: ITMO Introduction Days

    On September 2-3, ITMO University hosted Introduction Days, an orientation event for first-year Bachelor’s and Master’s students familiarizing them with the education process at the university and the opportunities it offers. The students took part in interactive sessions focused on introducing them to each other and teambuilding, attended lectures by leading ITMO scientists and learned about how to go on a semester exchange abroad. 


  • What’s New at ITMO University in 2019 - 2020

    This academic year, ITMO University is celebrating its 120th anniversary. That means we’re old enough to have deep-rooted traditions and young enough to be at the cutting edge of innovation. We’re committed to being nimble and moving education and science forward. It’s only fitting that during this special year, we’re shaking things up once again. Here’s what to expect in the coming year:


  • Urban Environment as a Learning Laboratory

    School is one of the most conservative educational structures in Russia. To solve this problem, Anastasia Rossinskaya, a PhD in pedagogical sciences and leading research associate at the Laboratory for Sociocultural Educational Practices of the Institute of System Projects at Moscow City University, proposes to stop expecting radical changes and focus on modern educational formats instead. The researcher held a workshop for St. Petersburg’s teachers, called “City as a Student Book”, where she shared about how to help school students familiarize themselves with their cities and what they can learn on their way home from school.


  • Apps to Make Your Student Life Easier

    Today, it is not only lecturers and tutors that help us with our education, but digital assistants, as well. ITMO.NEWS decided to do a review on various services and applications that make the educational process simpler and more accessible, and can be easily introduced into a classical everyday educational format.


  • How Games are Changing Education

    One of the world’s largest educational events, ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) Conference & Expo, has recently taken place in the USA. Each year, more than 24 thousand participants attend the conference to learn about the latest educational technologies. One of the recent years’ biggest trends discussed at the ISTE Conference & Expo was the integration of games in education. But is it possible to create useful and effective educational content for mobile platforms while achieving the same level of polish as that of WoW or Fortnite?


  • ITMO University and Huawei Discuss Advancement of Scientific Cooperation and Joint Development of Startups

    For several years now, ITMO University and the company Huawei have been cooperating on scientific research and organization of internships for the university’s staff and students. However, the partners see opportunities for expanding this cooperation in a number of fields, including the training of talents, support of ITMO University’s research, development of startups and integration of technologies created at the university into the company’s products. The administration of ITMO has recently met with the representatives of the company to discuss these promising prospects. 


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