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  • Making Sense of the Russian Grading System

    Are you an international student hoping to get your degree in Russia? Prepare for your studies abroad by discovering features of the local grading system compared to others around the world!


  • What Is the Metaverse?

    These days, metauniverse is a buzzword and is often used in entertainment. Fashion companies create unique outfits for virtual avatars, celebrities launch NFTs and perform live in metaworlds – even new metabanks and metahotels are opening online. But does the metaverse hold a promise for science and education? Will we one day have a meta-ITMO? And how will the associated technologies change in the near future? Let’s answer these questions with Alexander Kapitonov, dean of the Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies. 


  • Student Spotlight: Hrishikesh Gujrathi, India

    “As an international student, I've adapted to my new life in St. Petersburg pretty well. I'm very happy with everything here and really enjoy being around everyone,” says Hrishikesh, an international Master’s student at ITMO. In today’s interview, we talked about ITMO’s programs and how Hrishikesh became interested in them. He also shares his view on how Russia compares to India and other countries when it comes to studying AI, robotics, and computer science.


  • ITMO Open Education Conference: Alternative Formats, Fundamental Skills, and Rap Battles

    On May 20, ITMO once again challenged stereotypes about education one more time, when it welcomed edtech experts, entrepreneurs, and lecturers at the Open Education conference to discuss the future of universities. Participants of this full-blown educational rave could visit workshops and lectures, cheer on rap battles, and even record a podcast. Here are the highlights of the event.


  • ITMO.Mentors: How Students Benefit from Teaching Practice

    ITMO.EduStars offers the university’s lecturers and researchers to showcase their work and receive recognition for their achievements. The competition welcomes not only experienced teachers, but also ordinary students who participate in the ITMO.Mentors program. As part of the program, Master’s and PhD students take a teaching course following which they can assist lecturers with organizing and holding their classes. Three students were named as the top mentors while two others received special recognition from the expert jury.


  • What Modern Universities Look Like and What Opportunities They Offer

    On May 12, experts in the field of education met at the International Multimedia Press Center Rossiya Segodnya for a discussion titled Models of Higher Education. How to Choose a University? At the meeting, the speakers talked about general trends in education, new opportunities for students, and unconventional practices. You can learn about the conclusions they’ve reached in this ITMO.NEWS article.


  • ITMO.EduLeaders Winner Andrey Sukhovitsky: The Industry Needs IT Specialists Who Not Only Code But Can Easily Integrate Into Production Processes

    Andrey Sukhovitsky graduated from ITMO’s Information Technologies and Programming Faculty. Like many of his fellow students, Andrey started working at an IT company when he was still a student, and already then he acquired an interest in teaching. As he admits himself, he strived to become a passionate teacher and a true mentor for his students, always there to help them if they needed it. Now, the lecturer not only delivers a software design course but also introduces novel educational approaches. For instance, he figured out a way to simulate real industrial processes that are at work in modern IT companies at the university. His project received an award at the ITMO.EduLeaders contest. In the article, Andrey Sukhovitsky speaks more about his experiment and explains why programmers need soft skills and higher education.


  • ITMO’s Open Education: Raves, Rap Battles, and Star Hosts

    This year will see the second edition of ITMO’s Open Education festival, which will continue on its mission to abolish all stereotypes about education. For instance, this year the event will take the form of a rave at a former factory workshop that is now DAA Design District. Here is what else to expect at the event.


  • ITMO Launches 2022 Admission Campaign

    Prospective students can submit their applications for Master’s programs starting on March 1, Bachelor’s programs on April 1, and PhD programs on April 15, 2022. Choosing your program and applying for it has never been easier thanks to the newly updated admissions website. Read on to find out how to apply and which new features to expect in 2022.


  • ITMO.EduStars Winner and ICPC Star Coach Andrey Stankevich on Finding His Calling

    Andrey Stankevich got into programming when he was still in school; in the 90s, before he even had his own computer, he already read computer science books and took computer classes. As a student at ITMO, he twice became the winner of ICPC, the world’s most prestigious programming competition. After graduating and becoming a lecturer, he took up coaching. Under his leadership, ITMO University’s team became the world’s only seven-time ICPC champion. We spoke to Andrey to find out about the differences between academic teaching and coaching, getting students to engage with complex topics, and why teaching is more than a vocation.