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  • ITMO.EduLeaders Contest Presentations Day Two

    On March 30, the final presentation by participants of the ITMO.EduLeaders contest for the best educational projects among lecturers of ITMO University took place. Out of 40 applications, 10 were selected to present in front of experts. The announcement of the winners and the award ceremony will take place on May 21 as part of the ITMO.Open Education conference.


  • 10 Free Live Quiz Tools for the Classroom

    Whether you’re teaching online or in-person, you might be wondering if your students are keeping up. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a barometer showing how well each student understands you? Young people are rarely seen without phones these days and you can use it to your advantage. These 10 tools will help you check how your students are managing throughout a live class.


  • A Guide to the World of Science Fiction

    Isaac Asimov, Stanisław Lem, Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, Robert Heinlein, Liu Cixin – the list of sci-fi writers goes on and on. But how can you start your journey to the world of science fiction without getting lost? What is the importance of books in our life? And is it possible to become a genius by reading science fiction? During an online meeting, Olga Lakhtacheva, curator of the LUFF fantasy and science fiction club, and Maria Andreyanova, a popularizer of Ray Bradbury's work and an employee of the library named after Alexander Griboyedov answered these and many other questions.


  • Art & Science Open Day: New Majors, New Formats, New Opportunities

    In February, ITMO University hosted the Open Day for the Art & Science Master’s program, during which the curators spoke about the program’s new specializations and admission opportunities.


  • Do TikTokers Need Diplomas? ITMO Hosts Clubhouse Discussion on the Future of Higher Education

    Well-known Russian entrepreneurs and representatives of major online learning platforms discussed their views on education, the role of diplomas in today’s world, and the need for universities to reconsider their approach to the learning process.


  • ITMO Rectorate's Reply to Students’ Letter in Connection With Transition to On-Site Learning

    ITMO University will transition to the on-site learning format starting on February 8. Yesterday, a group of students submitted a letter to the Rector in which they suggested to consider providing students the opportunity to choose their learning format. We publish the Rectorate's reply. 


  • ITMO University Returns to On-Site Learning Starting on February 8

    The Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education has ordered its subordinate institutions of higher education to return to the conventional learning format starting on February 8. The corresponding decree was signed by Minister Valery Falkov. ITMO University will now begin the transition to offline (on-site) learning. Find ITMO University Rector Vladimir Vasilyev’s order (in Russian) here.


  • ITMO's Soft Skills Module: Students Share Their Experiences

    It’s been three years since ITMO University introduced the Soft Skills module in its Bachelor’s and Master’s programs. Today, it offers a wide range of disciplines – from personal efficiency and time management to conflict resolution. ITMO.NEWS met with students to learn more about what they have learned during the courses and how they apply it in their daily lives.


  • Public Speaking, Negotiating, and More: Soft Skills at ITMO University

    ITMO University is one of the first universities in Russia to introduce soft skills in its Bachelor’s and Master’s programs. Learn more about the course and its benefits for students in this article.


  • How ITMO Helps School Students Become Inventors

    Kid Inventors' Day is held annually on January 17 to encourage creativity in kids. Aleksei Shchekoldin, head of ITMO's technopark for children ITMO.KIDS, spoke with ITMO.NEWS about opportunities for school students and ways to create their first projects at school.