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  • International Opportunities at ITMO: Students Share Their Experiences

    One of the benefits of studying at ITMO University are the many opportunities to gain international experience. There are so many ways that ITMO students can develop their intercultural communication skills and study or collaborate on research with people from all around the world. What are the options and why should you do it? Learn about it first-hand from our students!


  • Academic Exchange Competition: Don’t Lose Your Chance to Spend a Semester Abroad

    Twice a year, ITMO University runs an internal competition for students wishing to go on an exchange semester at one of ITMO’s partner universities. Bachelor’s and Specialist’s students starting from their second year of studies and all Master’s students can take part in the selection process. The competition for fall semester 2022 launched on January 24 and will close on February 17. Here’s what you need to do to submit a strong application. 


  • Travels with Benefits: International Winter Schools 2019

    Short-term summer and winter programs give students a great opportunity to immerse themselves in the academic environment of different universities all over the world, meet their international counterparts and combine travel with professional development. This article presents some of the best options for this winter. Remember that tuition-free students can apply for 70% of your trip costs to be covered by ITMO University; just make sure to submit your application a month before your trip. Information on full conditions for availing of the program can be found here. Additionally, in this and this articles by ITMO.NEWS, past exchange students from ITMO share about their experiences and give some useful tips and tricks.