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  • Welcome to ITMO Family: Internships at ITMO Now Available to Students & Staff of Other Universities

    ITMO has launched a new project for those who wish to build a career at the university. Participants get to complete a paid internship with the possibility of continuing their employment. Applications are open to students and graduates of universities, colleges, and technical schools.


  • Working in Russia: A Guide For International Students

    One of the biggest questions that international students have is: can I work while I study? Whether it is working at a library or a cafe, many would love a part-time job to gain some extra money. And they can do it! In Russia, international students can work on a student visa – and sometimes you don’t even need a work permit! Find out more in this article.


  • Specialists From ITMO Develop Unique AI Talent-Scouting Service

    The staff of ITMO University’s National Center for Cognitive Research have developed an AI-based service that identifies suitable candidates for a job, compiles their digital CV, ranks them, and even suggests questions for future interviews. The system, which received the name Exclusive, is designed to help search for various specialists, especially researchers with unique sets of competencies.


  • ITMO.Mentors Project Helps Students Work and Grow

    Students who join the ITMO.Mentors program spend three months learning to work as mentors – teaching assistants to ITMO University staff – and official employees of the university. This year, more than 250 participants are taking part in the first run of the initiative.


  • Studying, Working, and Growing at ITMO University

    ITMO University’s admission campaign 2020 is fully online. Moreover, all students will be able to choose between offline and online studies in the first semester. The pandemic won’t prevent us from beginning the new semester on time. ITMO University also offers a whole range of scholarships and contests that will allow the students not only to study and do research, but also to make money. More about these and other opportunities – in this ITMO.NEWS article.


  • How to Make a Great CV: HR Director’s Tips

    How do you make an appealing resume? What should you say at the job interview? And what do you do if you’ve got no work experience? For this year’s ITMO.Digital.CareerWeek'20, Natalia Kolkhidashvili, the HR director at Digital Design, shared useful advice for job seekers. Find the key tips below.


  • ITMO University Graduate Alexandra Bystrova: You Can Always Find Your Identity in a New Field, City or University

    Alexandra Bystrova graduated from ITMO first with a Bachelor’s degree in “Informatics and Computer Hardware and Software” and then a Master’s degree in “Technological Entrepreneurship and Innovation Economics”. She now lives in Moscow. Over the last couple of years, she went from a student just out of university to a product manager position in MTS, one of the largest Russian telecommunication companies. ITMO.NEWS asked Alexandra how she became part of the MTS team, what was the reason for her relocation to Moscow, what forms of sexism a young woman should expect to encounter in IT and why you should never give up after yet another failure.


  • St. Petersburg to Get a Unified Human Capital Development Platform

    ITMO University’s industrial partner St. Petersburg company Netrika has taken part in today’s discussion of a unified information system “Human Сapital Development Platform”. The new system is aimed at helping each citizen discover their professional path all the way from high school to retirement. It is not only prospective employees who will benefit from this development, but employers and universities too. The concept of the system was presented at the Internet and Modern Society Conference that took place at ITMO University last week and brought together experts from different fields. ITMO.NEWS talked to Natalya Bystrova, a lead expert in the Education category, about the purpose of the platform and its defining features.


  • Develop a Course in General Physics and Join ITMO Team

    ITMO University’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering invites lecturers to take part in a competition on the development of general physics courses for the university’s Bachelor’s students. The winners will receive a prize of 100,000 rubles, as well as the opportunity to join ITMO University as lecturers. Read on to learn about how to participate and win.


  • JOB.ITMO: How to Get a Job at ITMO University Without Fuss

    Working at a university can be a good start of any student’s career, and for field-specific specialists and researchers, it provides an opportunity to do interdisciplinary research and become a part of an internationally renowned research team. ITMO University has recently launched, a web portal for all prospective employees where you can quickly and efficiently find the right position, submit your application and CV, and get in touch with the associated specialist. As of now, about 400 job offers are available at the University’s various subdivisions.