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  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #12

    Thinking about moving into the metaverse? In our latest science news roundup, we’ve got: answers to all your questions about the virtual world, a new Master’s track, an upcoming online learning platform from ITMO, and a summary of the university’s historical 24-hour science marathon.


  • Energy Club ITMO: Competitions, Internships, and More

    Energy Club ITMO is a joint project between ITMO University and Gazprom Neft that offers students a chance to try themselves in the field of traditional and renewable energy under the guidance of practicing specialists and industry representatives. Read on to find out more about the club’s projects, how the club helps students develop their startups and get internships, and what you can do to join.


  • ITMO Student Sofia Chubova Wins National Contest Profinternships 2.0.

    Sofia Chubova, a student at ITMO’s Faculty of Energy and Ecotechnology, became a winner of Profinternships 2.0. – a contest that supports cooperation between young specialists and their potential employers. Sofia successfully solved a case for Sakhalin Energy and analyzed the viability of a new project on natural gas liquefaction. We asked her to share what helped her win and what advantages came with the victory.


  • What Will Happen if Everyone Switches To Electric Cars?

    Scientists from Tallinn University of Technology, Aalto University, and ITMO University have researched how charging of electric cars influences the electricity distribution networks. By studying different types of electric cars, batteries, charging profiles, and habits of users, they have suggested a rational model for charging electric vehicles with minimal load on the electric grid.


  • Microbial Fuel Cell, Space Station, and Electronic Guide: Finals of Quantoriada Competition

    The final round of the Quantoriada international engineering competition for school children has recently kicked off in St. Petersburg’s Planetarium. It’s up to participants to decide what kind of device they want to develop; this year, they could choose between a space station, a drawing robot, an electronic guide, a microbial fuel cell, and other valuable devices. ITMO University’s SCAMT Laboratory has provided a platform for the competition. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, the participants share their thoughts about the contest and the importance of the devices they’re currently working on.