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  • Foodtech: Technologies of the Future

    The world is changing rapidly. New technologies are emerging: artificial intelligence and automation, robotics and 3D printing. The food industry is also changing — now it is foodtech or food technology. Foodtech is the application of modern technologies at all stages of the food chain, from farming and producing food, to packaging, storing, and preparing it.


  • A Fox

    These weekends I spent in my hometown. My family decided to go to the countryside and visit our grandparents. As I was eating the third apple straight from the tree, grandpa told us about a fox. He noticed it a few times near the house.


  • How a Small Inconvenience Made Me More Environmentally Friendly

    I have been in St. Petersburg for four weeks, and I am too stupid to know how to take out my trash. I’ve been told it requires screaming something into an intercom, but I find screaming undignified, so I have chosen instead to hoard it. There are no doubt those who would argue that hoarding trash is less dignified than screaming into an intercom, but we will have to agree to disagree.