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  • Pop Goes the Bubble: A Quick Guide to Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and ICOs

    The price of Bitcoin has just hit its 2019 high. Experts claim that the digital currency may experience a sudden price bump this summer, but is not likely to hit its earlier record values. So what happened in February of 2017? How did Bitcoin get so popular? And what is blockchain all about? Anna Lopatukhina, a product manager at Wrike and a graduate of ITMO University’s Computer Technologies Department, answered these and other questions during a lecture for ITMO’s Open FinTech course.


  • Airalab: The New Robot Economics Doctrine

    ​Each year, there are more and more devices that are connected to a global network. In 2014, there were about 16 billion of them - more than twice the Earth's population; analysts from the ABI Research company expect their number to be about 40 billion by 2020. The number of robots is growing as well. Specialists from the Airalab team state that now, it is not robots that exist among humans, but it is humans who are beginning to live in the world of machines. Yet, what's next? How will humans and robots interact? And are we capable of creating a full-fledged robot economy – and what’s more important, a comprehensible and a safe one? A couple of years ago Sergei Lonshakov, a blockchain developer and Aira project's architect proposed combining robotics and the Ethereum platform. As of now, his team has already attracted $220,000 from Cybernator, a pre-seed fund of Satoshi Fund company, completed the first phase of ICO (initial distribution of the system’s tokens) at the volume of 5,000 ETH, and is close to launching an MVP project. Alexander Kapitonov, Airalab'sprogressor and teaching fellow at ITMO's Department of Computer Science and Control Systems, shared about the project's future and the prospects of robot economy.