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  • PhD Student Ida Kublanova: Why Photonics Is Like a Unicorn

    At school, Ida Kublanova was fascinated by optical experiments and intrigued by photonics. So, she decided to pursue a career in this field – and she has no regrets: now she’s a PhD student engaged in several major projects. In her spare time, she explains photonics to kids in a podcast and plays intellectual games. She also compares photonics to unicorns. Why? Read on to find out. 


  • Student Spotlight: Dong Do, Vietnam

    Being an international student isn’t easy, as you have a lot more to do in order to sync with other students. And studying science in Russian can be a massive challenge. Can one expect any help from friends? Learn more about the opportunities and challenges of studying at ITMO from Dong, an international Bachelor’s student from Vietnam.


  • Graduate Chronicle: Moustapha Nour, Djibouti

    In 2020, we talked to Moustapha about his aspirations and expectations of ITMO. Now he is a graduate of the class of 2022. How was his experience? Did he achieve all his goals? What’s next? Find it all out in today’s student spotlight.


  • Student Spotlight: Hossain Jafari, Afghanistan

    “Developing software that would add value to people’s lives has been my dream since childhood. To fulfill it, I joined ITMO,” says Hossain, an international student from Afghanistan who is currently enrolled in ITMO’s Foundation Program. After completing the preparatory course, he will pursue a Bachelor’s degree in software engineering. How did he find out about ITMO? What is it like to be an international student in Russia? What are his favorite activities here? He shares it all in this interview.


  • Student Spotlight: Hrishikesh Gujrathi, India

    “As an international student, I've adapted to my new life in St. Petersburg pretty well. I'm very happy with everything here and really enjoy being around everyone,” says Hrishikesh, an international Master’s student at ITMO. In today’s interview, we talked about ITMO’s programs and how Hrishikesh became interested in them. He also shares his view on how Russia compares to India and other countries when it comes to studying AI, robotics, and computer science.


  • ITMO Graduates Mikhail Kakanov and Alexei Ovcharov on Why They Decided to Pursue their PhDs

    Mikhail and Alexei became friends when they were Master’s students at ITMO’s Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics. They worked jointly on various projects, shared their ideas and thoughts, helped each other with calculations, and then both decided to stay in the world of academia and get their PhDs at their alma mater. Now, they develop new approaches to robot control and implement other projects, including ones in collaboration with major companies. ITMO.NEWS talked to the students to learn more about their research and reasons for doing science.


  • Student Spotlight: Zana Sherwani, Iraqi Kurdistan

    Zana has always been passionate about computers and gaming since his childhood. As he grew up, he turned his passion into his career. He is also involved with numerous charitable foundations to help those in need. This is his first time in St. Petersburg during the winter. Let’s find out how he has been coping with the weather and enjoying his time here. 


  • EduStars Winner Alexander Trifanov on His Career Path and the Importance of Challenging Students

    ITMO.NEWS continues to share the stories of the EduStars winners by presenting the third star of the series – Alexander Trifanov, an associate professor at ITMO’s Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics. In this article, Alexander speaks about his career path and goals, as well as explains why teachers should challenge their students more and why your work should also be your hobby.


  • Students of ITMO and Gazprom Neft Joint Program on Their Specialization

    In 2020, ITMO’s Center for Chemical Engineering introduced the Bioeconomics and Resource Management program for Master’s students. One of its specializations, Modern Aspects of Oil and Gas Engineering, is implemented within the framework of Gazprom Neft Corporate University’s program and League of Universities, initiatives focused on collaboration with Russia’s leading universities.


  • Top Graduate Mikhail Kolesnikov: Living Life to the Full as a Student

    Mikhail Kolesnikov is a technology enthusiast and inventor, who graduated from the Master’s program Digital Transformation Strategies and Technologies. In this interview, he shares how he started turning his house into a smart home while still at school, why he chose ITMO, and how he founded his own company.