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  • Computer Science And The World Football Cup: ESIEE Students on Their Internship at ITMO

    What do thousands of Twitter users think about the recent FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia? How did it affect the traffic situation in the city? What are the ways to effectively manage data in virtual reality? Six students from ESIEE Paris, one of France’s leading educational establishments, worked on these and similar projects during their three-month internship at ITMO’s School of Translational Information Technologies. In an interview for ITMO.NEWS, they talked about their research and experiences of living in Russia.


  • From Tour de France to the World Cup: Cryosaunas Developed at ITMO University

    The World Cup is nearing its conclusion and this Sunday, July 15, France, and  Croatia will face off in the final game. To recover from intense training, athletes use cryosaunas developed at ITMO’s Cryogenic Technology Department. ITMO.NEWS asked Alexander Baranov,  head of the department, about cryosaunas and cryotherapy’s effect on the human body.


  • Mustache of Hope: Russia Unites to Support Its Football Team

    What started as a joke on the lowest ranking team quickly turned into a flashmob as fans show support sporting real and fake mustaches - and it seems to have magic powers.  


  • Fascinating Technology of the 2018 World Cup

    As the 2018 FIFA World Cup continues, new technology helps referees, players and fans make the games more transparent and spectacular. We look at the innovative technologies approved by FIFA’s Football Technology Innovation Department, which examines, tests and integrates new technical solutions into the cup’s events.


  • Tourist Routes for 2018 World Cup Host Cities by ITMO University

    This week, the FIFA World Cup is starting in Russia. The most dedicated fans will travel from one city to another to attend as many matches as possible. How can they get to know each city in such a short time? Ksenia Mukhina and Alexander Visheratin, researchers from ITMO University’s eScience Research Institute, have designed short routes for each FIFA World Cup host city.


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