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  • ITMO.GO 2023: First-Year Students Share Why They Chose ITMO

    Last Saturday, September 2, around 2,000 new members of ITMO.Family gathered in front of the Baltic House Festival Theater for ITMO.GO, the major celebration for first-year students at ITMO, to meet each other and get to know all about their university. ITMO.NEWS talked to the newcomers to learn more about their dreams and expectations for student life.


  • ITMO.ENTER: Notes From the Orientation Marathon for First-Year Students

    At ITMO, you don’t just study – you also do research, play at Russia’s top student sports club, run your own projects, and build up your career. But how do you find your way among all these opportunities and make the right choices? For newcomers to ITMO.Family, the university runs ITMO.ENTER – an offline/online marathon during which the recently-enrolled students can get to know all about ITMO.


  • ITMO Students Share Lifehacks for First-Years

    Starting university can be tough, especially when you are an international student and a newbie in St. Petersburg. Everyone would love to have a friend and guide by their side. Therefore, we at ITMO.NEWS have aggregated a few useful tips from experienced students who have been in your place before and seen it all themselves.


  • 10 First Week Must-Dos for ITMO Students

    Congratulations, you're a freshman at ITMO! If you're wondering how to start out in both a fun and productive way, make use of our (absolutely non-binding) checklist for an adventurous first week at the university.


  • Start of the Academic Year: Handy Hints and Useful Links

    So your first year of university is kicking off this week. What resources are out there to help you get prepared? If you’re just moving to St. Petersburg for the first time, we’ve already prepared a special guide to help you consider all the important aspects of your big move. Now we want to help you dive into student life. The countdown is on.


  • ITMO Student’s Quick Guide to Life in the City

    As the new academic year kicks off, we’re happy to see some new faces pop up around the campus as more and more students arrive to St. Petersburg from all over. And to get you up to speed, we’ve put together a quick but comprehensive adaptation guide. Welcome to ITMO!


  • ITMO.GO: New Students Join the ITMO Family

    To accept the challenges of the 21st century, to remain open to the most outlandish ideas, to share their last bitcoin with their friends and to try not to hack Pentagon without a good reason – these are the promises made by the thousands of first-year students of the “first non-classical” as they began the new academic year at ITMO University. The massive open-air event unfolded on a square in front of the “Baltiyskiy Dom” theatre in Alexandrovskiy Park. There, ITMO University’s new students learned about the new opportunities provided to them by the university, raced against each other, played tug-of-war with an enormous USB cable and took part in raffles. As per tradition, they sealed a “Memory Stick” with their messages which will be read out in six years on their graduation day.